50 Reasons To Pursue Affiliate Marketing

As I reflect on today, it’s another day I feel like I’ve grown…..Being part of “Corporate America” for the past 25+ years I have learned a lot.  I’ve had some great jobs and some really bad ones, some good paying ones and others, not so much.  All of the jobs are fairly consistent though, and certain times of the year, consistency sucks!

You can count on everyone holding their collective breath as yet another “budget season” arrives each year (Oct-Dec).  Today I was told 50 or so of my colleagues (most of which I don’t know by name) were let go.  No warning, no inkling of what was to come….just a letter and a meeting with a Human Resources Rep with a very short term financial “package” (which to get you must sign a paper saying you can’t sue and ask for more $$ down the line, so what @^$# choice do you have?)  “We wish you all the best and we know you’ll find something great out there” is the usual line.

Every day I’m in this corporate environment, I feel like it could be my turn.  It’s happened twice already in the past 8 years, so chances are it’ll happen again.  I don’t want to live like this….it’s a mental shit storm.  I wanted to throw up when I heard that news today.

I want to be free…I NEED to be free and well, if I needed MORE motivation to make affiliate marketing work, this is it!  I now have 50 more reasons to pursue affiliate marketing…..how many reasons do you have?

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