About Me

About Me – My Story

I will begin by saying, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my two loving parents who adopted me from an orphanage when I was just a few weeks old.  That’s given me a chance that many others didn’t get, so for that, I’m eternally grateful and more fortunate than most.  I  DO NOT take that for granted.
My Dad was my hero, my role model and unfortunately no longer with us, but striving to be like the greatest man I’ve ever known keeps me motivated.  I always struggle to talk about him without getting emotional 9 years later.  I now have my 90 yr old Mom to help take care of (which is actually another reason I decided to pursue making money online since she’s in a care home).  I’m a single guy with no kids, so this has allowed me to really dive in and do all the research needed to support my online journey.  I have two wonderful sisters (I’m the middle child) and two nephews that I love more than anything!
  << Christmas with Mom – 2017
I grew up in a strict blue collar household (Mom kept me in line, don’t let her smile fool you haha).  Dad got up everyday, did what he had to do (worked two jobs until I was 7 yrs old) to provide, and Mom was the quintessential stay-at-home Mom.   I get my work ethic from both of them.  My Dad never made more than $28K in an year and I was determined that wouldn’t be me.
Fast forward graduating high school and university (I have a degree in Business Administration, minor in finance/accounting that I’m still paying for 20 yrs later by the way), I’ve had many jobs in the accounting/finance industry chasing that magic $100K number (that’s how most people used to gauge a successful person, today it might be $200K?) and guess what, 20 years later, I’m still chasing it!  Due to the economic crash in 2009/10, I literally had gone backwards and still haven’t recovered.

I’m also a cancer survivor (yup, lucky again).  I spent a year of my life going through chemo and radiation for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  This doesn’t define me, but it sure has changed my perspective on so many things!  I now understand how short life ACTUALLY is  and how important it is for me to achieve my goals.  I’ve been in remission for almost 15 yrs, but I do not take 1 day for granted.  Life is short and it could be over tomorrow, so everyday I wake up is a great day!

I enjoy travelling, the great outdoors and exploring on my ATV (4-wheeler).  I try and escape to the peacefulness of nature whenever I can, as it is important to have that balance and “therapy” in my life.  Pursuing making money online and my goals now allows me to do that more often.
<< Grand Canyon

Photography is yet another favorite hobby as well.

I’m just me, no bullshit, no surprises.  Ask me a question, you’ll get an answer, but not always the one you want, so be careful haha!  Through my training so far, I’ve heard a lot of whining and excuses and people wanting shit handed to them.  You have to go get what you want, set goals, work at it, achieve them and set more goals.  This can happen if you want it…..the mentors are out there for you and me.  I hope I can help guide you in anyway I can.  You can do it if I can and I AM DOING IT!

It’s never too late (In 2018 I turned 53) to pursue your dreams!