Almighty Google

To be a successful affiliate marketer, usually means you need to be an email marketer as well.   As such, the most important thing in our business is being able to communicate with our subscribers.  Thanks to Almighty Google, sometimes this is easier said than done.

Network server room

Since my subscriber list is fairly large now, I decided to do something “different” than spending $200 a month on an autoresponder service.  I decided I was going to get my own fancy new server which will allow me to email my subscribers faster and more efficiently.  I did my research

and came up with a plan.  I read 37 reviews, wrote down a plan and implemented it, much like I do things in business.  The more you plan things out, the more successful you will be.  But there are ALWAYS going to be things beyond your control.  Even if your autoresponder service tells you that your emails are sent, it doesn’t exactly work that way.  You email your buddy now….boom, he gets it within 20 seconds wherever in the world he is.  You email 10,000 subscribers….they aren’t getting it in 20 seconds.  Some won’t get your email for a few days!

The thing that will drive you crazy, are things that are out of your control….the thing that I didn’t account for is the “Google Factor” (known as Gmail).  Now I was reading about this and I knew I had to “warm up” the server which is basically sending out small test groups of emails out to different services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.  My first test of 100 emails…all was well…except for a strange message from Gmail.

Not to get too techy (oh I’ve learned enough in the past 3 weeks to have a career in tech servers!) so I’ll tell you that because my IP Address and Server did not meet the Google “standards” (which no one knows what they are, nor is there anyway to ASK Google).  It turns out, my IP reputation doesn’t have enough volume so Google decides I can’t send emails to any Gmail accounts (71% of my email list by the way!).

How the F#$% am I supposed to build up a reputation, if I can’t send emails?  Isn’t this the same thing we heard in our first job interview?  “Sorry, you don’t have enough experience”…….Well no shit and I never will if no one will hire me because of my lack of experience!  So the server company has been trying to troubleshoot and have opened up a ticket with Gmail and hopefully in 4-7 working days I “might” have resolution.

In the meantime, here I sit, trying to figure out what’s next.  Perhaps a small fire in the server room would fix my problems?  I mean, I have insurance…..

But in all seriousness, just know that Google can basically do whatever the F#$% they want, so beware!

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