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SMS (Text) Marketing For Business

(our services are available in the USA, Canada, UK & Australia)

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Let me show you how a simple Flyer can help grow your business...


B2C Text is great for ANY business where your customers visit one or more times a month.  This includes restaurants, bars, lounges, nail salons, day spas, dry cleaners, auto parts stores, nurseries, bowling alleys, theatres, pet groomers, etc.

The Common Business Problem Today

If you're like the average business in your city or town, you may have a small presence on the internet and if you're really fortunate, you have an email list for your most loyal customers.

Unfortunately, many consumers are tired of "spam emails" and are no longer responsive.  Either that or they opt out of your list after the first few emails and can't be bothered.

The fact that you have about 6 seconds to get and keep someone's attention, emailing your customers is getting more challenging by the day.

Business email lists have an open rate of approximately 22%, which is not very good considering these are the people that said they WANTED to get your emails!

It has left business owners like you, scratching your head and frustrated on how to stay "in touch" with customers.  You're also left wondering how to grow your business without opening another location or breaking the bank.

You end up wasting money on local weekly newspaper ads, coupon mailers, flyers on vehicles and everything else without success.  It adds unwanted stress to you and your business.

But With SMS (Text) Marketing, We Can Help Solve That Problem!

SMS (Text) Marketing Facts

Fact #1 - 90% Of All SMS (Text) messages are read within 3 minutes

Fact #2 - Open rates of SMS (Text) messages average a whopping 98% (that's over 400% higher than your email list)

Fact #3 - Mobile Offers (Phone or Tablet) are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than printed offers...crazy right?!

So How Does This Work and Why?

Now every time a customer comes to pay their bill...

They are given the option to get an INSTANT DISCOUNT by texting the keyword on the flyer (sample above).

The discount can be $1, $5, 5%, 10%....whatever you want!  (or no discount at all, just ask them to opt in)

Let's think about it...

What customer is going to say no to an INSTANT DISCOUNT off the bill they are about to pay?    That's money back in their pocket now!

That makes the customer happy, and you just scored another phone number for your list to help grow your business.

It's a win-win for everyone (especially your bottom line)!

Sounds Great, How Do I Get Started?

Step 1 ==> Fill out the contact form at the top of this page and click 'Submit'✅ 

Step 2 ==> We'll contact you and arrange a Zoom online meeting request so we can chat.  You can ask questions and we can give you a demo number so you can see how it will look. ✅ 

Step 3 ==> If you decide to try B2C Text, we will personally extend the service to you at no cost for 14 days so you can try it out. ✅

If you decide to continue past 14 days, services will be at a low reasonable monthly fee on Day 15 and recurring every 30 days after.  We've found our service is less than most local monthly advertising costs and more successful reaching your customers.

So don't delay, follow those instructions above and let B2C Text help grow your business today.  We look forward to speaking to you!

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