Becoming An Authority

As I approach six (serious) months into this Affiliate Marketing journey, I feel as if I’m “almost there” and things are about to explode. As I learn more each day, listen to my mentors, following my instincts and help others out as they start their own journey, I realize I’m quickly becoming an authority.

Now before you judge what I’m saying as being arrogant or cocky, just know that I’m studying harder than I did in University and I’m certainly learning WAY MORE from my mentors than I did spending $80,000 on my Business Admin degree. I’m also outworking many people, which makes it much easier to say I’m becoming an authority (have a look below).

Over 22K Views in 2 Months
This was from today, May 25, 2019 #1 Viewed

I’ve answered exactly 499 questions in the past 2 months on Quora regarding Affiliate Marketing and became #1 most viewed in about a month. I’ve stayed there for the past month….I now have more of a following than ever. My subscriber list is growing, my sales are growing and I’m more determined than ever! That being said, I won’t answer as many questions on Quora anymore and will focus more on my subscriber base 🙂 #1 was a short term goal….ACHIEVED….next goal…..

I’ve also started answering questions as part of the support team for Project Profit Academy (the program I’m part of) on nights and weekends so I know more than I ever have and I love helping the “newbies” and pointing them in the right direction for this or that.


I’m realizing with the amount of questions I answer daily (it’s usually between 30 and 50 a day), I can only imagine how it is for my mentors (and what I have to look forward to?) and the plethora of messages they must get. No wonder everyone has to have Virtual Assistants, it’s almost a necessity, but I’m going to try and stay hands on as long as I can. That personal touch between myself and my subscribers/followers is important. It goes a long way with me, so I imagine for my group it’s the same.

When I get an email sent to me and it says “Hey Daniel”….I know it’s a spam or robo message because I don’t go by that name. It annoys me that so many marketers are lazy. I purposely DON’T put anyone’s name in an email (usually just “Hey…Dan here….”) so as not to get it wrong or pretend that we are best friends. I care, but I’m also real, we aren’t going to meet up for coffee at the local street vendor every week (although I wouldn’t be opposed haha).

So as I plug along into “Lucky Month # 7”….feel free to reach out and ask me a question, if I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I will soon!

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