Being Patient

When we think about being patient, right away its about those times we were waiting on someone.  Be it, for drinks after work or that 4th person for our 2 on 2 pick up game.   “Wow, remember that time we were waiting 45 minutes for Bob to meet us?, great times!” said no one ever…….haha  Regardless on what it was, there are no “happy memories” when we think about being patient, which is why it is so hard to actually BE patient!

It’s now about 4 months into this serious affiliate marketing thing and I can’t stop reminding myself to continue to learn, be patient and good things will come.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  Hundreds of case studies, courses, articles, YouTube videos and such I’ve been barraging myself with every spare moment.  This is what I believe separates the successful people with everyone else.  It’s easy to quit and  move on to the next “big thing”, but that’s not going to be me.  I may find my thoughts drifting to that “bad place”, but I will not have it.  I’ve come too far and have learned so much since those first days and weeks.

Many days I feel like the person in this  picture AND the recording on the other end trying to figure out the problem!  To me, patience comes down to figuring out the difference between determination and stupidity.  Now we both know the answer to that…..the determined  version of ourselves never gives up on our dream and the stupid version just dreams.

We live such short lives there’s no reason to be conservative when it comes to our dreams.  Reach for the stars, but don’t expect success to come overnight.  Learn how to harness that determination and master the art of being patient and you’ll undoubtedly be a massive success.

Take it from a guy on his 5th of his 9 lives.  If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is.  Patience?  No problem!

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