Being Patient

When we think about being patient, right away its about those times we were waiting on someone.  Be it, for drinks after work or that 4th person for our 2 on 2 pick up game.   “Wow, remember that time we were waiting 45 minutes for Bob to meet us?, great times!” said no one ever…….haha  Regardless on what it was, there are no “happy memories” when we think about being patient, which is why it is so hard to actually BE patient!

It’s now about 4 months into this serious affiliate marketing thing and I can’t stop reminding myself to continue to learn, be patient and good things will come.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  Hundreds of case studies, courses, articles, YouTube videos and such I’ve been barraging myself with every spare moment.  This is what I believe separates the successful people with everyone else.  It’s easy to quit and  move on to the next “big thing”, but that’s not going to be me.  I may find my thoughts drifting to that “bad place”, but I will not have it.  I’ve come too far and have learned so much since those first days and weeks.

Many days I feel like the person in this  picture AND the recording on the other end trying to figure out the problem!  To me, patience comes down to figuring out the difference between determination and stupidity.  Now we both know the answer to that…..the determined  version of ourselves never gives up on our dream and the stupid version just dreams.

We live such short lives there’s no reason to be conservative when it comes to our dreams.  Reach for the stars, but don’t expect success to come overnight.  Learn how to harness that determination and master the art of being patient and you’ll undoubtedly be a massive success.

Take it from a guy on his 5th of his 9 lives.  If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is.  Patience?  No problem!

Connecting With Subscribers

Coming into this business, I thought Connecting With Subscribers would be the easiest part of Affiliate Marketing.  I mean, the person chose to subscribe for whatever reason they had at the time, so they must want to be here right?

As I enter my 3rd serious month in my program, connecting with subscribers has undoubtedly been the hardest part!  I’ve always thought of myself as a personable guy, fairly funny and likable.  Quickly I’ve discovered that doesn’t matter with an online business if subscribers don’t open their emails.   When someone gives you their email address to check out your product, that might be the last time you hear from them.  I’ve changed my “welcome” email about 15 times and yet, only 30% of the time a new subscriber opens it.  The 30% isn’t too bad I’m told, but for me, it’s the 70% that don’t open it that confuses me.  For most, that means you get 1 “speed date” and no second shot (that’s a lot of pressure for a first date haha) so you better make it count.

Living in a “what have you done for me lately” society is a lot of pressure  for an online marketer.  You constantly need to find fresh ideas and switch things up to keep your subscribers engaged.  For some, it’s about “free stuff”, for others it’s about “coaching”.  Then you have your “meat and potatoes” crew who just care about the product and don’t need the self help books that go along with it.  I’m definitely learning a TON about being an online marketer and some days it’s a struggle, but I really do love it!

Now, off I go to change my welcome email for the 16th time with the hope someone opens it and gives our “relationship” a chance 🙂


I want to speak about Networking and the role it plays in our lives.  Now we probably cross paths with hundreds of thousands of people, depending on how long we live.  I’m guessing the amount of those people we actually engage with is less than 10%.

Even lower would be the percentage of those people who we’ve had memorable conversations with, which makes networking an important part of being successful.

I was able to get a behind the scenes look at an amazing product that is launching a week from today.  Going through it, I felt compelled to contact the creator because it is that good.  I also had a few questions, so I reached out and she happily wrote back and engaged with me.  I told her that I’m “not a big deal” in the industry (yet), but I would love to give her a short testimonial video for her sales page.  She responded how happy she would be if I did it, but said she only had a few days left to finish the sales page.

Normally, most people would look at the clock, see it’s 9:30pm and would put it off until tomorrow.  Not me!  I fired up the webcam and in about 15 mins I had a nice 2 minute testimonial for her.  I emailed it to her and she immediately wrote back how grateful she was.   That really made me happy and it’s the type of thing that most people will remember.  Going that extra mile and networking to form a business relationship that benefits both parties.  I didn’t do “what everyone else would do” and I understand that she didn’t have to take 10 minutes out of her day to chat with me.  That’s what I love about networking, everyday is a new adventure!

Passive Income Is Real

I have to apologize for disappearing, but I’ve been incapacitated for the past 5 days.  On Friday night the 4th, I was relaxing on my recliner when I got a sharp pain in my back!  Then it proceeded to radiate to my stomach and then all hell broke loose!

After one Emergency room, one CT Scan and one Ambulance ride, I found myself in a hospital bed awaiting emergency gall bladder surgery.

Apparently the diet I am on (I’ve lost 40lbs since Sept) is too high in fat and really pissed off my old gall bladder.  Now my gall bladder and I have parted ways and it was a painful separation haha.

I was in so much pain and discomfort I didn’t look at anything to do with my making money online business.  I wasn’t actively promoting anything and any activity I received was for old promotions.

Low and behold, when I checked my PayPal account, I noticed I had 2 sales!  While I was in the hospital and getting surgery.  Now that’s true PASSIVE INCOME!  These sales just happened.  Someone saw one of my YouTube videos, opted in to be a subscriber, went to the sales page and purchased.

Now I know $33 isn’t a lot of money, but it is PASSIVE INCOME, true PASSIVE INCOME!  This is why I give 100% effort when I do everything and I’m honest with my product reviews and emails I send out.  You never know who your buyer is and you never know when they are going to stumble upon one of your offers.

It’s just great when hard work pays off and passive income is real!

Happy and Healthy New Year!

First, let me wish everyone all my best for a Happy and Healthy New Year!   It’s crazy to think that 2019 is even a year, sounds more like those old science fiction novels (ok I’m 53, I know that’s old).

Many people ask me every year if I do anything exciting, and usually the answer is no.  There are a few reasons……a) It’s amateur night for drunks, so I don’t want to be caught on the road and b) I live in a rural area, so there’s no night life to speak of here.  I would have to drive at least 45 minutes to go somewhere sort of interesting.  There’s always the casino, but we know how that’ll turn out!

Instead, I was planning my “year”…..goals, ambitions, dreams, etc..  I want 2019 to be the “Year of Captain Sweatpants” meaning that I want this year to be the year I can give up my day job and do this full time.  I have been able to learn a ton in the past 3 months and I’m seeing results!

It can be done, but it won’t be easy.  It takes a lot of work, planning, prepping and learning from those more experienced, but I’m putting in the effort and it’s paying off.  I have to keep the momentum going and not get distracted by any negative forces out there.  I hope to help others as well as I learn, paying it forward per se, that’s the real payoff.

So when you ask, “Hey Dan did you do anything exciting last night?” I can respond with, “I sure did, I was creating my plan to take over the world!” which is a lot better than that guy just waking up at 1pm wondering what happened last night.