Passive Income Is Real

I have to apologize for disappearing, but I’ve been incapacitated for the past 5 days.  On Friday night the 4th, I was relaxing on my recliner when I got a sharp pain in my back!  Then it proceeded to radiate to my stomach and then all hell broke loose!

After one Emergency room, one CT Scan and one Ambulance ride, I found myself in a hospital bed awaiting emergency gall bladder surgery.

Apparently the diet I am on (I’ve lost 40lbs since Sept) is too high in fat and really pissed off my old gall bladder.  Now my gall bladder and I have parted ways and it was a painful separation haha.

I was in so much pain and discomfort I didn’t look at anything to do with my making money online business.  I wasn’t actively promoting anything and any activity I received was for old promotions.

Low and behold, when I checked my PayPal account, I noticed I had 2 sales!  While I was in the hospital and getting surgery.  Now that’s true PASSIVE INCOME!  These sales just happened.  Someone saw one of my YouTube videos, opted in to be a subscriber, went to the sales page and purchased.

Now I know $33 isn’t a lot of money, but it is PASSIVE INCOME, true PASSIVE INCOME!  This is why I give 100% effort when I do everything and I’m honest with my product reviews and emails I send out.  You never know who your buyer is and you never know when they are going to stumble upon one of your offers.

It’s just great when hard work pays off and passive income is real!

Happy and Healthy New Year!

First, let me wish everyone all my best for a Happy and Healthy New Year!   It’s crazy to think that 2019 is even a year, sounds more like those old science fiction novels (ok I’m 53, I know that’s old).

Many people ask me every year if I do anything exciting, and usually the answer is no.  There are a few reasons……a) It’s amateur night for drunks, so I don’t want to be caught on the road and b) I live in a rural area, so there’s no night life to speak of here.  I would have to drive at least 45 minutes to go somewhere sort of interesting.  There’s always the casino, but we know how that’ll turn out!

Instead, I was planning my “year”…..goals, ambitions, dreams, etc..  I want 2019 to be the “Year of Captain Sweatpants” meaning that I want this year to be the year I can give up my day job and do this full time.  I have been able to learn a ton in the past 3 months and I’m seeing results!

It can be done, but it won’t be easy.  It takes a lot of work, planning, prepping and learning from those more experienced, but I’m putting in the effort and it’s paying off.  I have to keep the momentum going and not get distracted by any negative forces out there.  I hope to help others as well as I learn, paying it forward per se, that’s the real payoff.

So when you ask, “Hey Dan did you do anything exciting last night?” I can respond with, “I sure did, I was creating my plan to take over the world!” which is a lot better than that guy just waking up at 1pm wondering what happened last night.

Product Launch Experience

So here it is, one week after my first product launch experience and I can say it was a successful one.  I don’t base this on the amount of money I generated (because it wasn’t a lot), but I base it on the fact it proves that everything I have learned so far and what I am preaching is actually working!

If you take a look at my account below (I told you I have nothing to hide

Product Launch Experience
Product Launch Experience

and I want to chronicle every step along my journey) since the launch on December 20th, you can see I generated a ton of interest.

There were 116  subscribers on my list that at least took a look at the product I was reviewing and recommending.

That’s exactly what I want though.  I want everyone to decide what is for them and what isn’t.  I can only give my honest opinion as to which products will help you get ahead.  If for whatever reason you don’t think it’s for you, just click away and go on about your day, I’m okay with that!

I did spend some money on some advertising that didn’t pan out, but I also expanded my subscriber base to well over 1,000 (and I know what doesn’t work haha).

I will continue to keep at it, use my experiences to be more successful and of course, pass along anything I can to my new crew!

Merry Christmas

It doesn’t really feel like 365 days have gone by since Christmas 2017, but the calendar doesn’t lie.  In a few short hours, NORAD will have Amazon, (I mean Santa), flying over my place and dropping gifts off for everyone I love.  It’s truly the best time of the year!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish everyone I know, be it a family member, friend or acquaintance a safe, happy and healthy holiday.  I’ve been able to absorb something from each and every one of you, whether you know it or not.

I always wished I could be Santa when I grew up.  I think it was more vanity way back when (you know, who doesn’t love Santa?), but now its all about family.  The way you see the kids faces light up (I don’t have kids, but I have two wonderful nephews) and the general happiness that seemingly overcomes even the crustiest of Scrooge’s is magical.

I look forward to waking up, going to pick up my 90yr old daughter (that’s what I call my Mom haha) and heading over my Sister’s place to spread some joy.  It’s nice to “turn off” my entrepreneur switch for a few days while celebrating, but rest assured, it never shuts off.

The only thing I wish for Christmas every year is to be more successful than the year before.  Enjoy everyone….life is short 😁

Christmas is Arriving Early

I’m sooooooooooo excited and I just can’t hide it….wait, that’s probably some sort of copyright issue and plus now we’ll all have that song in our head….oops my bad!

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been working towards for the past month.  I started my extensive training course exactly one month ago tomorrow (if you ever want to know what it is, please message me), which just happens to be launch day!  I feel like I’m ready to blast off haha

It’s been an eye opening journey so far, and I’m definitely working towards my goal of ditching that “9 to 5” lifestyle in 2019.  It’s time for me to be my own boss and whatever other analogy you can come up with.  I’m tired of being stressed out, tired of being overworked and underappreciated.  I’m tired of seeing 100’s of coworkers being “let go” during the holiday season.

So how do you change things?  You look at that person in the mirror and get it done.  I was fortunate to be watching random YouTube videos about new opportunities and I ran into Brendan Mace’s channel (he’s one of the best online marketers today).  It was as if he was speaking to me….the rest is history, he’s now one of my mentors and wow, what a knowledge base for someone that is 20 years younger than me!

I will be meeting him in 2019 and my other mentors (most are his business partners) and I look forward to thanking him in person.  I am hoping I can be “that guy” for at least 1 person that happens to run across something I either post or email.  I want to pay it forward…which is why I am promoting “The Big Five” fairly hard.  If I had that product months ago, I could’ve definitely been in this position sooner.  But we all know things in life happen for a reason.

Can’t wait for tomorrow…..I hope everyone takes advantage of this product that I wish I had last Christmas!