Communication & Support

For Online and/or Email Marketers, you would think communication and support would be at the top of their “things I’m great at” list.  Customer satisfaction and retention should always be the #1 priority after a sale right? As odd as it seems, this is often not the case. Besides the cheesy fancy cars and other “bling” some marketers like to showcase, I believe the 2nd worst attribute some have, is their lack of communication/support AFTER they make a sale.  Some have definitely missed the mark with me and have lost any chance of repeat business.

As someone who has made many purchases to make money online, one of the things I feel I need to stress, is to please be sure you support your clients/customers/subscribers and make sure communication is thorough.

We all know “the guy in the video” isn’t going to contact you directly right? Believe it or not, the great ones actually do sometimes take the time (even if only 2 or 3 sentences in an email) to thank you or follow up if there is a reasonable short answer to a question you have. At a minimum, have a support group or someone you contract to do it for you. That will go MILES with your customers, guaranteed!

Now I’m not saying you should answer every email, “dumb” question (I know I’ve sent a few) or give a smiley emoji to everyone giving you feedback (matter of fact, you probably should drown out most, especially the negative ones where everyone blames you for their failures), but I would at a minimum make it a goal to answer say 5-10 a week, you’d be surprised how far that goes (especially those who purchase higher ticket items). You have to realize even in the smallest sense, you are a mentor to every newbie that enters this niche, whether you like it or not.

If you look at historical reasons for failures, you can be sure communication and support was a root cause.

Don’t let that be you….

Getting Started

How much are you worth?  No really, how much?

Many of us are programmed early in our careers (usually by family, friends and/or society) that we are only worth what we are paid.  If we aren’t getting paid a lot, then obviously we aren’t worth more…..right?

Now I know that’s not true for me, I’m worth WAY more than my day job pays me and I guarantee that’s the same for you.  Not only that, I found myself getting…..and how do I say this…..I’ll just say it…..dumber each year I work in my normal 8 hour day job.  You become a robot.  I’m considered the subject matter expert in my department….mainly because I’ve outlasted everyone.  They’ve either left town, gone to another job chasing a dollar, died (seriously!) or were fired………so here I sat, looking for a better way.  I don’t want to be “that guy” anymore.

I honestly discovered that better way and it’s by making money online!

If you find yourself staring at the wall waiting for that “break”, you’ll be staring a long time (much like I was!).  You have to take charge of your life, invest in YOU and strive for happiness and freedom (literally and financially!).

I hear it all the time from the most successful online marketers….work smarter, not harder!  That’s what I’ll be doing from now on…..So again I ask you…..How much are YOU worth?