How To Create Custom Bonuses [Live Interview]

Welcome to my How To Create Custom Bonuses [Live Interview]. When I launched my Traffic Empire Online website a month ago, I quickly created a Private Facebook Group. My vision is/was “affiliates helping affiliates”. Sharing what is working for promoting my site as well as offers in their own businesses (sharing ideas, not links and spam). I even post free training videos to help everyone.

I enjoy networking and finding out the evolution of established Affiliates and/or “Super Affiliates”, their backgrounds, secrets and how they became who they are today. Today was my first of many (hopefully) interviews that I plan to do monthly. I hope you enjoy them.

I met Robin A. Palmer in January 2019. Very humble guy from Sweden that I couldn’t help but be drawn to, due to his work ethic and his willingness to help people (including myself). Not only helping other Affiliate Marketers, but being a helpful guy in general. We talk about that and many other subjects (including some of the dilemmas we have as affiliate marketers today).

Would love for you to comment and get some feedback, along with perhaps some suggestions of future guests. You can watch my full How To Create Custom Bonuses review below and click the link below to get started.

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Welcome to my How To Create Custom Bonuses [Live Interview].

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