How To Create Custom Bonuses

Welcome to my How To Create Custom Bonuses review. When I was approached by Robin A. Palmer about this, I thought this was the greatest idea. I know I’ve always wished I could get a Super Affiliate To Make Custom Bonuses for me, and that’s exactly what Robin A. Palmer from Robert Palmer Marketing will be doing for you! This service definitely fills a void with a problem most affiliate marketers have.

Most affiliate marketers, especially when starting out, have no idea how to create custom bonuses because they don’t know enough about the business yet. They end up buying some lame ass PLR product (which ironically THEY could learn from…and I know this, because I did it!) to give as a bonus. Not only will in not entice anyone to buy from them, but it will show consumers they are not someone that knows what they are talking about. It screams “rookie” which consumers won’t likely “trust”.

Robin A. Palmer fills that gap. He’s a guy that’s made over 30K this year so far on the WarriorPlus platform alone! That’s a Super Affiliate in my eyes. You can watch my full How To Create Custom Bonuses review below and click the link below to get started.

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