Dealing With Haters

I thought I would write about something I ran into this week. Dealing with haters. Now this is something that EVERYONE will deal with in their lifetime, whether it be over a person, something you own or the biggest reason…..jealousy over your success!

You’ve been dealing with this since daycare, when you were getting attention because you built your lego car better than Little Johnny and he got pissed off and ripped your lego car apart (not that it happened to me haha) and now unfortunately as an adult you are dealing with it on an extreme level. Instead of this being a small closed group of haters, social media now allows these haters to have a “voice” per se. I’ve read countless articles and reports on suicide and breakdowns in kids, but even as adults this now happens. This is a real problem and it shouldn’t be ignored.

I know you’re thinking, “Dan, what does this have to do with affiliate marketing?” and I say a lot. It’s all part of the MINDSET you need to have when dealing with being successful (and trust me, the more successful you get, the more “hate” will reign down on you). Fortunately, when you’re successful, you’ll have way more people to help lift you above this petty neanderthal behavior, but I just feel like I need to issue a preemptive warning as YOU get more successful in whatever you are doing.

My suggestion when dealing with people like this is don’t engage. Engaging with a hater is like adding fuel to the fire and with the “mob mentality” mindset of some “keyboard tough guys”, it’s easy to get sucked into the negative space. Instead, rise above it all…..if it’s a situation where you’ve made a mistake and have wronged someone with a product or a customer service situation, admit your mistake, make it right and be done with it. We are human….we make mistakes, we error in judgement, but that’s the beauty of this life. There are do-overs and we do get chances to redeem ourselves. Just be sure you words are not empty, they have meaning and your actions reiterate your commitment to be the best business and person you can be.

All of us should strive to be better marketers AND people. We can only be judged on our actions, not words and obviously we all should try and do that. We need to support each other in this industry……Facebook hates us, Google hates us as do a lot of other marketers, but we must rise above this (I stole that from a movie)! Only 20% of the affiliate marketers in the world make a living doing this (I WILL BE ONE OF THEM SOMEDAY), so we should all strive for that. More support and less hate…..the “haters are gonna hate”, but the more positivity we spew, that less fuel it gives the haters.

Stay healthy and positive….

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