Don’t Forget Yourself

As marketers, we tend to spend so most of our time trying to appease others (consumers).  Much of our time is spent either searching for something consumers want or trying to understand what they want.  It just hit me the other day, don’t forget yourself!

I’ve been extremely busy since November when I decided to take on affiliate marketing as a serious venture.  My goal is and will continue to be, to get rid of the grueling and stressful “day job”.  In the meantime, I tend to forget myself.  The last actual vacation day I took for myself was almost 1 year ago (my yearly trip to Florida to see my friends who I left 7 years ago).

This Friday I’m taking my first “me day” in a long long time.  I’m driving to Las Vegas (it’s about a 5 hour drive one way) to meet up with my mentors who are from Canada, Indonesia and Sweden respectfully.

On average, they earn $50K+ a month from email and internet marketing.  These are the best of the best and I can’t think of better mentors to have in this journey.  This may sound like a work trip to some, but I assure you it’s a “me day”.  I will be talking to them about my digital product I have created.  I need feedback to make it the best it can be and the next steps to launching this to the public.    There’s a 3-day seminar that other members of my “tribe” are attending, but due to my day job, I can’t make it.  So I’m taking Friday for me.  Investing in me, taking care of what I need to become better.

Some of you reading this will be serious about investing in yourself.  If you are, I encourage you to click >> HERE << and register and listen to this webinar.  If you want to take an opportunity to change your life, this is the “tribe” I belong to and how I’ve come so far so quickly.  I’ve learned more in 4 months than most have learned in 4 years.   I can confidently say I’m slowly becoming an authority in this business and that’s not cocky, it’s true.  I have my 3 mentors and this program to thank for that.  The money will come, the learning is priceless.

So whatever stage you are at in your life, I urge you…….don’t forget yourself!

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