Free Traffic Training

In lieu of this week’s blog I’m going to be extremely lazy (mainly because I’m tired and need some sleep haha). I want to post this Free Traffic Training because that’s what I’ve been up to all weekend.

I’ve been fine tuning 3 new traffic sources (1 of which I blogged about a few weeks ago). Another paid source that has REALLY been a savior and a 3rd source that actually blew me away on Saturday. Have a look and feel free to comment. I hope you have a great week!

Free Traffic

This is the one thing in Affiliate Marketing you’ll hear constantly. You need it, you want it and you’d love to get it…..But how do I get Free Traffic?

There’s many obvious answers to that….first, our social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course our own email list. The problem with that is, unless you are well-established in affiliate marketing or some other associated business, you’re just going to be “spamming” your friends, colleagues and family. No one wants to be annoying and be known as “Crazy Uncle Bob that sells that stuff” at family gatherings.

I did stumble across something about 5 months ago, never paid any attention to it until someone in my group had some success and asked if I had heard of it. I’m usually turned off (like most of us) with the thought of ads or pop ups jumping on my screen when I log into a website, but hear me out. Sometimes if you look past the surface annoyances, you find a gem because so many people ARE annoyed. This platform deals strictly with the law of averages and you’re relying on the right person at the right time coming across your offer and believe me, they will.

The platform is called “Herculist Plus” or “Herculist” whichever you prefer. It’s called a “safe list” because everyone there has opted in voluntarily, no bait and switch shit. Whomever opts in here, has done it by their own freewill. Signing up is 100% free and you get a $5 bonus, which you can use for advertising whenever you wish. Now, for free members you get to ” ….advertise to 1000 random HercuList members daily at no cost.” So everyday you’ll go to the “ad mailer” section and prepare an ad. Herculist will then email a random 1,000 subscriber block your advertisement. Simple….

I’m going to share my results from a few weeks back just so you know the power behind this platform (and yes, full disclosure I am a Lifetime GOLD membership member, because it is only $50 one time payment and we all know I spend more than that weekly on advertising. You get to mail all 85,000+ members DAILY instead of 1,000 and a whole bunch of “points” to use on advertising AND 2 buyer mailing list blasts, quite a good value). So here it is…speaks for itself….my $50 investment netted me over $400! (my free membership prior only netted me $32 in sales)

My WarriorPlus sales dashboard….

So if this interests you, let’s get started…. (and remember, you DO NOT have to upgrade from a free membership, I did because I assumed I’d get better results and obviously I have)

After signup you’ll be asked to login and you’ll come to an advertisement. Just click “Members” at the top right and you’ll come to the login screen below….the one on the left is advertisements for their solo ads and membership options, you can “click the X” to get rid of that, as well as the one on the right “click the X” as well (you can upgrade to Gold later).

After you login, click “Members” and you’ll see this….

Watch the tutorial video that the site owner John, will walk you through…..see screenshot below. He’ll show you the ins and outs of Herculist Plus.

Watch the tutorial before you do anything (I watched it 3 times!)

So now…..the 2nd most important thing to do is keep from getting 85,000+ emails a day (I messed up and didn’t know to do this and got over 600 spam emails in one day! haha) Scroll down the left hand side and turn “VACATION MODE ON“, this will be sure that only emails from Herculist (and those paying for advertising) will hit your spam folder (it’ll still be 100 a day, but who cares, just delete them or not, your choice).

That’s it….follow the tutorial and you should be ready to rock it. I’d love to hear more success stories like mine, so drop me a line at Just click the link below to get started!


Making A Change

When I first stepped into Marketing 101 in University, my Professor said “If you’re not about making a change, please drop this class immediately”.  All 40 or so of us looked at each other and chuckled.  He repeated, “Seriously, if you like doing things your way, please drop this class”.  Suddenly a silence came over the room and my Professor continued.  “If you are stubborn, you cannot be in the Marketing field and if you can’t change, you’re done before you start”.

Remember when you took algebra or calculus and thought “When the F@#$ am I ever going to use this?”.  Well, I thought the same thing about Marketing.  When was I going to need to use the tricks of the Marketing trade?  Twenty years later, I am reminded of those words.  I am stubborn and we are all stubborn in our ways.  That’s fine, for your personal life, but for Marketing, “you’re done before you start” if you think that way!

You have to decide, are you the anchor (stubborn) or the boat (sailing into new seas, new adventures)?  I was definitely the anchor when I started.   I was convinced I knew what the public wanted.  What I wanted of course! Ummm not even close Dan and a matter of fact, most people DO NOT want what you want!  I spent countless hours trying to find the right product that people wanted.  In depth studies and being stuck in my “anchor mentality”, meant i was

wasting both time and money.  Instead of giving my customer what they wanted, I was stuck trying to sell them what I thought they needed.  If I was “listening” to my Professor from twenty years ago, all of that wasted time and money could’ve been avoided.

So are you the anchor or the boat?

Facebook Advertising

Sorry I haven’t been around.  It’s been “a week” to say the least (day job problems!).  I’m excited and want to talk about Facebook Advertising and what it means in the Affiliate Marketing world.

For an Affiliate Marketer to get an approved Facebook ad is no small feat.   Normally, it takes multiple attempts and then notoriously that big red “not approved” notification comes through.  It can make you want to run a 40 yd dash into the nearest wall or throw your laptop against said wall.  Facebook says you cannot use deceptive practices (which is arguably 50% of advertisements out there in today’s world).  They also say you cannot give income guarantees (that’s the biggie!).  You can’t write “Make $100 A Day”, but you can write “See How I Make $100 A Day”… that’s where I get pissed.

What is the difference with saying “Make $100 A Day” as opposed to some bullshit wrinkle cream that says “reduces age spots” or “makes skin look 10 yrs younger”.  My course that I’m advertising is $15, but that bullshit cream is what, $50 and that’s fine to sell?  Come on Facebook, we (affiliate marketers) aren’t the evil man in the corner offering kids candy.  We are selling and marketing, no different than anyone else.  The problem however, is we forget Facebook is a business….like anyone else, they can choose who can advertise, what they can advertise and how they can advertise it.

This past week however, with extensive research and a new program under my belt, I was able to get my first approval!  After two times getting disapproved, I literally had to “beg” in my response and asked them to manually review it.   Apparently it’s the Facebook evil algorithm bot that denies all of our ads, not actual people……damn artificial intelligence!

Connecting With Subscribers

Coming into this business, I thought Connecting With Subscribers would be the easiest part of Affiliate Marketing.  I mean, the person chose to subscribe for whatever reason they had at the time, so they must want to be here right?

As I enter my 3rd serious month in my program, connecting with subscribers has undoubtedly been the hardest part!  I’ve always thought of myself as a personable guy, fairly funny and likable.  Quickly I’ve discovered that doesn’t matter with an online business if subscribers don’t open their emails.   When someone gives you their email address to check out your product, that might be the last time you hear from them.  I’ve changed my “welcome” email about 15 times and yet, only 30% of the time a new subscriber opens it.  The 30% isn’t too bad I’m told, but for me, it’s the 70% that don’t open it that confuses me.  For most, that means you get 1 “speed date” and no second shot (that’s a lot of pressure for a first date haha) so you better make it count.

Living in a “what have you done for me lately” society is a lot of pressure  for an online marketer.  You constantly need to find fresh ideas and switch things up to keep your subscribers engaged.  For some, it’s about “free stuff”, for others it’s about “coaching”.  Then you have your “meat and potatoes” crew who just care about the product and don’t need the self help books that go along with it.  I’m definitely learning a TON about being an online marketer and some days it’s a struggle, but I really do love it!

Now, off I go to change my welcome email for the 16th time with the hope someone opens it and gives our “relationship” a chance 🙂