Connecting With Subscribers

Coming into this business, I thought Connecting With Subscribers would be the easiest part of Affiliate Marketing.  I mean, the person chose to subscribe for whatever reason they had at the time, so they must want to be here right?

As I enter my 3rd serious month in my program, connecting with subscribers has undoubtedly been the hardest part!  I’ve always thought of myself as a personable guy, fairly funny and likable.  Quickly I’ve discovered that doesn’t matter with an online business if subscribers don’t open their emails.   When someone gives you their email address to check out your product, that might be the last time you hear from them.  I’ve changed my “welcome” email about 15 times and yet, only 30% of the time a new subscriber opens it.  The 30% isn’t too bad I’m told, but for me, it’s the 70% that don’t open it that confuses me.  For most, that means you get 1 “speed date” and no second shot (that’s a lot of pressure for a first date haha) so you better make it count.

Living in a “what have you done for me lately” society is a lot of pressure  for an online marketer.  You constantly need to find fresh ideas and switch things up to keep your subscribers engaged.  For some, it’s about “free stuff”, for others it’s about “coaching”.  Then you have your “meat and potatoes” crew who just care about the product and don’t need the self help books that go along with it.  I’m definitely learning a TON about being an online marketer and some days it’s a struggle, but I really do love it!

Now, off I go to change my welcome email for the 16th time with the hope someone opens it and gives our “relationship” a chance 🙂

Dear Santa

For those of you wanting to be a “flash in the pan” type of affiliate marketer, by all means, there’s no reason to have a subscriber list… can do your one-time promotion, hope to make a quick buck and then you can move on to your next “get rich quick” idea.   Matter of fact, to keep it real, before I got serious a month ago, I started out by thinking I could be “that guy”.  I will buy the product, buy some ads and……….


people would be knocking down my proverbial door wanting to by my product……….yeah, ummm………that lasted a week.  If you’re looking to have a lasting AND lucrative career doing this, there’s a reason you’ll here the phrase “the money is in the list” over and over and over.  To think I was that “I don’t need no stinkin’ list!” guy……cracks me up now!

When you come across the most successful marketers, just ask them and you’ll find they have 5, 10 or 20 thousand email subscribers!  An email subscriber expects email… a YouTube subscriber expects new videos periodically, so most will stay a subscriber for hopefully up to a year (the normal lifetime expectancy before someone “moves on” per se or so I hear in the field).

If you’re reading this, chances are you are subscriber of mine (if not, you can go to my “simple two-step formula” page and sign up in 10 seconds).  Come on, I had to say that…..because a HUGE subscriber list is what I want for Christmas and nothing else.  Don’t be short-sighted like I was…..get into this and do it right, make a list and check it twice….tis the season ya know!

Communication & Support

For Online and/or Email Marketers, you would think communication and support would be at the top of their “things I’m great at” list.  Customer satisfaction and retention should always be the #1 priority after a sale right? As odd as it seems, this is often not the case. Besides the cheesy fancy cars and other “bling” some marketers like to showcase, I believe the 2nd worst attribute some have, is their lack of communication/support AFTER they make a sale.  Some have definitely missed the mark with me and have lost any chance of repeat business.

As someone who has made many purchases to make money online, one of the things I feel I need to stress, is to please be sure you support your clients/customers/subscribers and make sure communication is thorough.

We all know “the guy in the video” isn’t going to contact you directly right? Believe it or not, the great ones actually do sometimes take the time (even if only 2 or 3 sentences in an email) to thank you or follow up if there is a reasonable short answer to a question you have. At a minimum, have a support group or someone you contract to do it for you. That will go MILES with your customers, guaranteed!

Now I’m not saying you should answer every email, “dumb” question (I know I’ve sent a few) or give a smiley emoji to everyone giving you feedback (matter of fact, you probably should drown out most, especially the negative ones where everyone blames you for their failures), but I would at a minimum make it a goal to answer say 5-10 a week, you’d be surprised how far that goes (especially those who purchase higher ticket items). You have to realize even in the smallest sense, you are a mentor to every newbie that enters this niche, whether you like it or not.

If you look at historical reasons for failures, you can be sure communication and support was a root cause.

Don’t let that be you….