50 Reasons To Pursue Affiliate Marketing

As I reflect on today, it’s another day I feel like I’ve grown…..Being part of “Corporate America” for the past 25+ years I have learned a lot.  I’ve had some great jobs and some really bad ones, some good paying ones and others, not so much.  All of the jobs are fairly consistent though, and certain times of the year, consistency sucks!

You can count on everyone holding their collective breath as yet another “budget season” arrives each year (Oct-Dec).  Today I was told 50 or so of my colleagues (most of which I don’t know by name) were let go.  No warning, no inkling of what was to come….just a letter and a meeting with a Human Resources Rep with a very short term financial “package” (which to get you must sign a paper saying you can’t sue and ask for more $$ down the line, so what @^$# choice do you have?)  “We wish you all the best and we know you’ll find something great out there” is the usual line.

Every day I’m in this corporate environment, I feel like it could be my turn.  It’s happened twice already in the past 8 years, so chances are it’ll happen again.  I don’t want to live like this….it’s a mental shit storm.  I wanted to throw up when I heard that news today.

I want to be free…I NEED to be free and well, if I needed MORE motivation to make affiliate marketing work, this is it!  I now have 50 more reasons to pursue affiliate marketing…..how many reasons do you have?

First Video

Well tonight was really fun….I did something WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone and put my “mug” on video for all the world to see (or at least the 17 people that might see this over the next few days)

I guess I should put the link here huh?  No sense everyone else having all the fun! 😂😂   >> See My Mug <<  (2 min and 39 second pause….)

Ok….now that you’re back, there are some important reasons I did this video.  First, and probably most important, is the fact that everyone that has visited and opted in to my page, knows now I’m a real person and not Mr. Wigglesworth from the UK who apparently found $8.5 million GBP that belongs to me.

Second, it’s to get used to being the “face” of something.  In this business, the most successful marketers are on camera/video training, teaching, speaking, motivating, doing webinars and video calls.  I want that to be me, and I want to give myself the best chance to succeed.

Lastly, I want people to see me go from zero to reaching my goals I laid out in the video….and those are just my short term goals!  I have no idea how far this can take me if I implement everything I am learning.  The top earners are making 50-100K PER MONTH, and that blows my mind!!  Why can’t that be me or you right?  Way better odds trying to go get it than wasting your money on the next lottery….

Perhaps I’ll be able to have this as a full time career in 2019….only time will tell, but I sure am excited!

Getting Started

How much are you worth?  No really, how much?

Many of us are programmed early in our careers (usually by family, friends and/or society) that we are only worth what we are paid.  If we aren’t getting paid a lot, then obviously we aren’t worth more…..right?

Now I know that’s not true for me, I’m worth WAY more than my day job pays me and I guarantee that’s the same for you.  Not only that, I found myself getting…..and how do I say this…..I’ll just say it…..dumber each year I work in my normal 8 hour day job.  You become a robot.  I’m considered the subject matter expert in my department….mainly because I’ve outlasted everyone.  They’ve either left town, gone to another job chasing a dollar, died (seriously!) or were fired………so here I sat, looking for a better way.  I don’t want to be “that guy” anymore.

I honestly discovered that better way and it’s by making money online!

If you find yourself staring at the wall waiting for that “break”, you’ll be staring a long time (much like I was!).  You have to take charge of your life, invest in YOU and strive for happiness and freedom (literally and financially!).

I hear it all the time from the most successful online marketers….work smarter, not harder!  That’s what I’ll be doing from now on…..So again I ask you…..How much are YOU worth?