Facebook Advertising

Sorry I haven’t been around.  It’s been “a week” to say the least (day job problems!).  I’m excited and want to talk about Facebook Advertising and what it means in the Affiliate Marketing world.

For an Affiliate Marketer to get an approved Facebook ad is no small feat.   Normally, it takes multiple attempts and then notoriously that big red “not approved” notification comes through.  It can make you want to run a 40 yd dash into the nearest wall or throw your laptop against said wall.  Facebook says you cannot use deceptive practices (which is arguably 50% of advertisements out there in today’s world).  They also say you cannot give income guarantees (that’s the biggie!).  You can’t write “Make $100 A Day”, but you can write “See How I Make $100 A Day”…..now that’s where I get pissed.

What is the difference with saying “Make $100 A Day” as opposed to some bullshit wrinkle cream that says “reduces age spots” or “makes skin look 10 yrs younger”.  My course that I’m advertising is $15, but that bullshit cream is what, $50 and that’s fine to sell?  Come on Facebook, we (affiliate marketers) aren’t the evil man in the corner offering kids candy.  We are selling and marketing, no different than anyone else.  The problem however, is we forget Facebook is a business….like anyone else, they can choose who can advertise, what they can advertise and how they can advertise it.

This past week however, with extensive research and a new program under my belt, I was able to get my first approval!  After two times getting disapproved, I literally had to “beg” in my response and asked them to manually review it.   Apparently it’s the Facebook evil algorithm bot that denies all of our ads, not actual people……damn artificial intelligence!

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