Getting Results

So for those of you following me the past 6 months, you’ve probably seen me slowly finding my way and getting results. I kept saying just keep at it over and over and don’t listen to the haters and all the noise and negativity of everyone who says “That’s ridiculous”, “How can you do affiliate marketing”, “You’re wasting your time….”

This post is for you……..

After I wrote my blog last week I had to clean my bachelor pad (haha that makes it sound fancier than saying 2 bdr apt) and do laundry (you know, because I don’t have a cleaning crew!). Then I went out to a birthday party….had a great time. When I returned home, sat down in the recliner, fired up the laptop on my 55″ tv screen (you know, because I’m old and can’t see shit unless it’s big now) and much to my surprise I had about 8 emails regarding sales…it was awesome….almost $400 and I wasn’t even home OR promoting the product that sold! Check it out…..

Saturday, May 25, 2019

I was on Cloud 9, I’m starting to see more and more results. It’s a reminder that you might not be rewarded at the time you put forth the effort in this industry, BUT…eventually if you keep at it…you will be getting results!

Ironically, one of my mentors messaged me about 5 minutes after I found out and I told him and he was excited for me as well “I told you brotha, it will come, keep at it and following the blueprint”. So that’s why I’m doing.

Having pride in what I’m doing AND learning more than I learned with my $100K education…..and from guys that are 20 yrs younger than me! I love these guys, proud to call them my mentors and now my friends. If any of you want to know where you can take this….have a look at my review page here >>

If you’re an action taker…this might be for you…

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