How To Join an Affiliate Marketing Program

Learning how to join an affiliate marketing program is not an easy task.

The first thing to be aware of when advertising the products, is you are dealing with people who want to get paid on time and on budget. How do you know this? You can ask your own affiliate manager this question. They will tell you to get on the affiliate program website and look for a link to a money back guarantee by the merchant. You now check the affiliate program website to see what guarantees are put through to you once you sign up.

You see there are usually only two main categories, digital products and physical products. Digital products can be either ebooks written on pdf which can be downloaded directly onto your hard drive or videos on YouTube which can be sent to your youtube channel for you to make fun of.

Now the second thing you should be looking for is if they have a contact us page or email contact form. This is important as it shows you that the person running the program actually gives a damn about affiliates. If you have a problem you will want to be able to address it as soon as possible. The contact page is also a good way to get to know that person. You do not want to be on the exchange but to also be on the contact list.

The most important aspect is if the company offers a free gift in the form of an eBook, video or membership. The fact that you are on the affiliate program means nothing if you do not receive a free gift.

The Free Gift is the most important aspect to the whole exchange because it shows that the person running the program is concerned about their affiliates. The Free Gift should be something that is useful, something that will help you in the exchange and something that is valuable and can be downloaded right away.

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