How To Make Money From Bed [Live Interview]

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Super Affiliate, Mentor and Friend, Jonas Lindgren. Now the reason for my headline wasn’t to get you to click and open (although I guess it worked, you’re reading this? haha), it was to tease Jonas like I always do.  You see (and I think he does this on purpose to tease me!) most of the times we speak he’s “working” in bed.

Jonas Lindgren is 29 and doesn’t have an office…..matter of fact, he doesn’t own a desk, a computer monitor (ipads don’t count), a filing cabinet, a calculator or (and I’m guessing on this one) a suit!  The only reason he needs a watch is to check his “steps”….

He is living the dream YOU (and I) want and the dream YOU (and I) can have.  He’s been making a full time income online since 2015 and is a certified Super Affiliate.  He’s been successful in many niches, even recently drop shipping, but his “jam” is the make money online niche.   He banks 10-20K on any given month (depending on how many hours of gym workouts, puppy sitting/training and video game “wars” he’s currently waging).

He and his business partner Trevor Carr (another top notch “A-1 guy” and Super Affiliate) have just launched a coaching/mentorship program that I personally joined not only because it’s them…but because it’s easily the steal of the decade (and yes, I know the decade is almost over haha).  I also don’t know how many people they are allowing in the program, so that was my biggest reason not to wait.

Jonas and I go through it all….100% no B.S. and I can’t wait to see where their program takes me.  Perhaps I can have him interview ME from my bed next year 🙂

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