Making A Change

When I first stepped into Marketing 101 in University, my Professor said “If you’re not about making a change, please drop this class immediately”.  All 40 or so of us looked at each other and chuckled.  He repeated, “Seriously, if you like doing things your way, please drop this class”.  Suddenly a silence came over the room and my Professor continued.  “If you are stubborn, you cannot be in the Marketing field and if you can’t change, you’re done before you start”.

Remember when you took algebra or calculus and thought “When the F@#$ am I ever going to use this?”.  Well, I thought the same thing about Marketing.  When was I going to need to use the tricks of the Marketing trade?  Twenty years later, I am reminded of those words.  I am stubborn and we are all stubborn in our ways.  That’s fine, for your personal life, but for Marketing, “you’re done before you start” if you think that way!

You have to decide, are you the anchor (stubborn) or the boat (sailing into new seas, new adventures)?  I was definitely the anchor when I started.   I was convinced I knew what the public wanted.  What I wanted of course! Ummm not even close Dan and a matter of fact, most people DO NOT want what you want!  I spent countless hours trying to find the right product that people wanted.  In depth studies and being stuck in my “anchor mentality”, meant i was

wasting both time and money.  Instead of giving my customer what they wanted, I was stuck trying to sell them what I thought they needed.  If I was “listening” to my Professor from twenty years ago, all of that wasted time and money could’ve been avoided.

So are you the anchor or the boat?

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