Ready To Blow Up

Well… you guys know I’m not at the point where I can do Affiliate Marketing full time…YET! So as I currently have a full time day job AND do this on the side, it’s important to get away and take a break 🙂 Especially since I feel I am ready to blow up!

Currently, my situation is as follows (pic below)….as I type this and see this as my view… (using my mobile hotspot to be online, thank you Verizon for working wherever I go….well, 96% of where I go haha). I can smell the pine trees in the air and that fresh crisp, clean air I love. In the summer in the Arizona desert…it’s too hot to smell, your nostrils burn from the hot air haha.

Show Low Lake – Elevation 6,345 ft

I know it’s fairly dark. It’s overcast and 60F, as opposed to the 106F I left in the desert yesterday. The 3 1/2 hr drive is well worth it. I even saw rain for the first time in 3 months! I have a tee time at the local country club in a few hours so I sit here, having a coffee and hanging with you.

I wanted to recap the past 7 months as it has truly been a complete whirlwind and exciting year so far. I started out taking the “bull by the horns” and really applying what I was learning. After meeting my mentors in March, my business, social presence and authority has really exploded. Things are falling into place. I have a product I’ll be launching later this year and expect everything to really explode then. I’ll be busier than ever, but working towards “Operation Get Rid Of Day Job”, which in turn would make me the happiest guy ever!

I’ve also been able to put together multiple revenue streams, some of which are passive! So….since April….I’ve generated close to $3,000. Here are some income proof pics….so no one can say I’m full of shit haha

WarriorPlus Marketing Services (coaching)
WarriorPlus Affiliate Stats
Affiliate Marketing – Separate Platform (recurring monthly income in yellow)

So in short, shit is coming together and I’m going to explode this year, I can feel it. My original goal for this journey was to cover my 90yr old Mom’s care home expenses (the portion I need to chip in)….goal achieved, and 4 months early! That’s doing this PART TIME!! For any of you doing this FULL TIME…you should be able to surpass me in 6-9 months, if you’re an action type person.

I have many things I’m promoting and trying to turn out content and reviews to help everyone as well. I’ve answered close to 1,000 questions this year and have become a trusted source because I’m not full of crap and I certainly have no reason to lie. There’s enough of “those people” in our industry. Sure, I may tell a “fish story” or two, but I’m pretty much an open book with what I’ve done and I will always shoot you straight. If things are going well….look in the mirror….THAT person can change your life!

Best affiliate program 2019 >> (currently paying 5 levels deep and recurring monthly income, the $1 for 100 or 200 leads a day is a bonus)

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Father’s Day

Well, it just so happens it’s my time to blog today before I head over to my 90yr old Mom’s care home. It’s a good day anytime I get to see my Sister, Brother-in-Law and the two best little nephews a guy could ask for (7 and 5yrs old). But it’s also a tough day, because it’s Father’s Day.

Now to me, a father (just like a mother) is someone that provides and takes care of his family, albeit as “old school” as that may sound, it’s what I know so that’s what I can write about. Since I was adopted from an orphanage as a baby, I can really first hand tell you how important my Dad was in shaping me into the man I am today (and I wish I was 1/2 as good a guy as he ways….because well, I’m not as in love with most people as he was haha).

I remember growing up in our 800 sq foot of living space with at least 4 or more of us most years. My parents not only adopted myself and my two sisters (from separate families), but we also had a “parade” of cousins and foster kids that stayed with us at various times during my childhood. My Dad loved it….the more the merrier he would say. He loved not one of us more or less than the other and was always fair with his “expectations”. Study hard, work hard and save your money for family vacations and Christmas.

Last picture of me and my Dad together….2009.

We never went without because of my Dad….he worked two jobs and I didn’t see him much until I was about 7. He worked at a factory during the day and different jobs at night. He worked at a corner store in my small town and I would run down there and visit when my Mom let me. He also let me “steal” a chocolate milk (my favorite as a kid). When we spoke about it as adults, I remember saying “Oh yeah Dad, and all those free chocolate milks!” and he replied, “What are you talking about….I had to pay for those!”. That right there pretty much defines my Dad….did everything for everyone and never really expected anything back besides respect and to do what he expected (oh and “not to give my Mom a hard time”…which I usually did haha).

My Dad was my baseball coach and he was at every one of my football games and wanted to be as close to the action and watch me play so he was part of the “chain gang” that was on the sidelines . Whether it was 85F degrees at summer practices, pouring raining in the fall or -10F freezing temps in the winter, he was there. It was odd, because he never “took me” to any professional sports games (“ahhh watch it on TV, you can see more” he’d say), but he was at everything I had going on. My Sister’s as well.

So when I think about the 3 yrs he suffered from lung cancer (yes, you can get it even as a non-smoker like he was), I get angry. So was he near the end….a God-fearing man who went about his life the best he knew how….I get it. Life sucks, it’s not fair and then we die…the end. Ironically, I was diagnosed with cancer 3 yrs before he was and I’m still here. I still struggle some days asking myself why, but that’s how it goes. My Dad never really bitched about it….so I don’t either.

The only difference between my Dad and I is that I had and have so many more opportunities than he did. It would really be disrespectful to not only myself but to my Dad if I didn’t take advantage. He never really said “I’m proud of you”, but he didn’t have to, that wasn’t his style. I knew if he wasn’t giving me a hard time (no news is bad news) that I was doing ok.

So being in Affiliate Marketing and having that opportunity that my Dad didn’t have it’s amazing. I’m grabbing life by the balls and making him proud. I don’t whine when Facebook bans my ad account, I can tell Google F#$K off because they suck if I want and when things don’t go my way, I do what my Dad did. Work at it, own it and find a way…..because if it’s what you want, that’s what you’ll do. Don’t even miss a chance to tell your Dad you love him….you never know when it will be the last time.

Love you “Pops”….miss you everyday!

Getting Results

So for those of you following me the past 6 months, you’ve probably seen me slowly finding my way and getting results. I kept saying just keep at it over and over and don’t listen to the haters and all the noise and negativity of everyone who says “That’s ridiculous”, “How can you do affiliate marketing”, “You’re wasting your time….”

This post is for you……..

After I wrote my blog last week I had to clean my bachelor pad (haha that makes it sound fancier than saying 2 bdr apt) and do laundry (you know, because I don’t have a cleaning crew!). Then I went out to a birthday party….had a great time. When I returned home, sat down in the recliner, fired up the laptop on my 55″ tv screen (you know, because I’m old and can’t see shit unless it’s big now) and much to my surprise I had about 8 emails regarding sales…it was awesome….almost $400 and I wasn’t even home OR promoting the product that sold! Check it out…..

Saturday, May 25, 2019

I was on Cloud 9, I’m starting to see more and more results. It’s a reminder that you might not be rewarded at the time you put forth the effort in this industry, BUT…eventually if you keep at it…you will be getting results!

Ironically, one of my mentors messaged me about 5 minutes after I found out and I told him and he was excited for me as well “I told you brotha, it will come, keep at it and following the blueprint”. So that’s why I’m doing.

Having pride in what I’m doing AND learning more than I learned with my $100K education…..and from guys that are 20 yrs younger than me! I love these guys, proud to call them my mentors and now my friends. If any of you want to know where you can take this….have a look at my review page here >>

If you’re an action taker…this might be for you…

Becoming An Authority

As I approach six (serious) months into this Affiliate Marketing journey, I feel as if I’m “almost there” and things are about to explode. As I learn more each day, listen to my mentors, following my instincts and help others out as they start their own journey, I realize I’m quickly becoming an authority.

Now before you judge what I’m saying as being arrogant or cocky, just know that I’m studying harder than I did in University and I’m certainly learning WAY MORE from my mentors than I did spending $80,000 on my Business Admin degree. I’m also outworking many people, which makes it much easier to say I’m becoming an authority (have a look below).

Over 22K Views in 2 Months
This was from today, May 25, 2019 #1 Viewed

I’ve answered exactly 499 questions in the past 2 months on Quora regarding Affiliate Marketing and became #1 most viewed in about a month. I’ve stayed there for the past month….I now have more of a following than ever. My subscriber list is growing, my sales are growing and I’m more determined than ever! That being said, I won’t answer as many questions on Quora anymore and will focus more on my subscriber base 🙂 #1 was a short term goal….ACHIEVED….next goal…..

I’ve also started answering questions as part of the support team for Project Profit Academy (the program I’m part of) on nights and weekends so I know more than I ever have and I love helping the “newbies” and pointing them in the right direction for this or that.


I’m realizing with the amount of questions I answer daily (it’s usually between 30 and 50 a day), I can only imagine how it is for my mentors (and what I have to look forward to?) and the plethora of messages they must get. No wonder everyone has to have Virtual Assistants, it’s almost a necessity, but I’m going to try and stay hands on as long as I can. That personal touch between myself and my subscribers/followers is important. It goes a long way with me, so I imagine for my group it’s the same.

When I get an email sent to me and it says “Hey Daniel”….I know it’s a spam or robo message because I don’t go by that name. It annoys me that so many marketers are lazy. I purposely DON’T put anyone’s name in an email (usually just “Hey…Dan here….”) so as not to get it wrong or pretend that we are best friends. I care, but I’m also real, we aren’t going to meet up for coffee at the local street vendor every week (although I wouldn’t be opposed haha).

So as I plug along into “Lucky Month # 7”….feel free to reach out and ask me a question, if I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I will soon!

Start Living

It’s no secret….we all love going on vacation, buying nice things and being able to do what we want, when we want.  For most, that happens about once a year when you go on that vacation you saved 6 months for.  For 7-10 days you live like royalty (not really, but it seems like it) with a chance to pamper yourself, charge things “to the room”, do things you’ve never done and not be overly concerned about “how much?” and really feeling relaxed.

We call it vacation….but do you know what that feeling actually is??

It’s called LIVING!

Now if I told you that you could live that “lifestyle” everyday (no, not tomorrow or next week), what would you say?  Bullshit right?   If I said you have to put time and effort into making this happen, would you still say it’s bullshit or would you just say you’re lazy?  Perhaps come up with some lame ass excuse you’ve been giving yourself your whole life about why you “can’t be successful and wealthy” or how “the universe isn’t fair” or “how come that asshole gets to be rich and I’m not?”.

Now before you think, “Dan, you sound like a read dick!” (perhaps you’ll still think that anyway, and of course, I can understand that), please hear me out.

I’ve read upwards of 65% of people think that the wealthy inherited Mommy or Daddy’s money and thus became rich, when in fact that’s not true at all.  Only 21% of those that are wealthy, have actually inherited their fortune!  So guess what that means?  The other 79% busted their ass to get where they are today, and that’s amazing!  This should give all of us, not only hope, but  a chance to ask ourselves these important questions…

“Why can’t I be the next millionaire?”

“What’s holding me back?”

Inevitably the answer is usually “You Are!” (and yes, I know there are extenuating circumstances and hard times and I’m not minimizing this, I’m just generalizing) .  I’m no different.  I had this “poor me” or “I’ll never get there” type of mentality.

Fifteen years ago next month I was going through chemotherapy and radiation and thought I was going to die.  I did everything you would think someone “dying” would do.  I did whatever I wanted, I spent whatever I wanted (which ended up ruining my credit for 9 yrs, but that’s not the point haha) and that’s right…I LIVED!   I was dying and yet I was finally LIVING!

So now I’m doing whatever I can, to give myself the ability to live.  I fell in love with affiliate marketing a year or so ago, but didn’t really take it that serious, until November 2018.  The mentors I have are amazingly successful and the best in the business.  I’ve been going at it hard and having success.  I have a full time “day job” and do this part time, but my goal is doing this full time in the next 2-3 years.  I can definitely help you change your mindset and become more successful then you are.  Just like I hold “that guy in the mirror” responsible for his actions, so should you.  Look in the mirror, because THAT’S the person that can change your life.   79% of all wealthy people would agree….

People come into your life for a reason.  My goal (as you’ll see on my website) is to try and give everyone the tools and the head start I didn’t get.  I’ve created a product I’ll be launching later this year with all the info needed to start a successful affiliate marketing business, but until then, I continue to promote products that I love and feel passionate about.  I have my blog and free training videos that will also help you.  You can go to my contact page at any time and email me questions.  I also do “random” Q & A live video sessions periodically based on the amount of interest and of course, paid coaching.

So my question to you is……When are you going to start to LIVE?