Comfort Zone

I found myself in the past, being nervous about trying new things in life.  Not only professionally, but personally as well.  I also remember that’s when that bell went off in my head.  Every time I did something different or new, I was happier AND more successful with whatever I was pursuing.  So I started thinking about this in the shower today, along with trying to remember to buy more soap a Sams Club next week haha….and figured I’d blog about it.  The more you get out of your Comfort Zone, the happier you become AND the more successful you will be.

Now before you think “Oh wow Dan, do I have to become a public speaker or go door to door hocking my latest product?”  No.  “Do I have to go up to that stranger I think is attractive?” No, no you don’t.  But if it scares the shit out of you or makes you nervous, then ask yourself “Would it make me happier?” “Can it make me more successful?” “Can it help my life in any way?”  if the answer yes, then yeah, DO THAT!  We all know we judge each other….you might be doing it now, reading this and thinking, “This dude is F$%ked”….but I don’t care.  I say and do things that I think people need to hear, not what they want to hear.  I have a fairly small group of friends that aren’t afraid to hear it straight and they sure as hell tell me when I need to hear it too.

I will put this in perspective for you though.  I’m not some asshole out here ranting and raving about shit (yeah I could be, but then I’d be alone and I do like “some” people in my life haha)  I don’t walk up to strangers and give them advice they didn’t ask for.  But…if you’re my friend or business acquaintance or subscriber or follower…..expect to hear the real shit, not some filtered, kid gloves bullshit you want to hear.  I post motivational shit because I believe in what I post or I like it.  I’m not doing it for an “atta boy”.  I’m doing it because either people need to hear it OR I believe it will help trigger something in someone and give them that little kick in the pants they might need (I think they call it tough love) 😀

About 15 yrs ago after beating cancer I became not only happier (not just for obvious being alive reasons), but because I became in charge of me!  I can now happily look in the mirror and say…..”hey buddy…’re the guy in control of what happens today….good, bad or indifferent”.  If you had a shit day…that’s on you….if you have a great day, also on you, congrats!   I also admit I have a fairly “easy life” (being single and living alone)  because many of you struggle with all that outside noise.  Full disclosure as well…..being adopted, Single Moms are my heroes (no offense to Single Dads).

I do promise you this…….as soon as you get “rid of the noise” in your world, including all the negative forces AND dead energy sucking so-called friends, things will snowball.  Doors will open, barriers will be broken down and success levels you hadn’t even begun to think were possible, now are.  All thanks to your new attitude and passionate personality.

I love affiliate marketing and I’m going to being making $10K a month someday in the not so distant future which will give me the ability to quit my dreaded “day job”.  Then I’ll have the freedom to travel more, “preach more” and help others be successful along the way……which makes me happier!

All my best for success and good health always……until next time.

PS….For more about me, head to my “About” page….or drop me a line and ask me a question… know I’ll give you a straight answer 🙂


I find myself these days in a constant state of waiting.  I’m waiting on someone to text back, waiting on ads to be approved, waiting on sales to be cleared so I can transfer my money into my PayPal, waiting in line at the store, waiting for my next sale….so I started thinking….how long do we spend doing these things in a lifetime?

The average person’s lifespan is approximately 79.5 yrs, so let’s have some fun:

  • We spend almost 11 yrs working
  • We spend 6 yrs eating
  • We spend 6 months waiting at traffic lights
  • We spend 6 yrs waiting in lines
  • We even spend over a year on the toilet

So now I can argue with people that Affiliate Marketing not only gives you the greatest chance to become independently wealthy and live that “laptop lifestyle”, but….it can also add YEARS to your life!  At 53, I certainly FEEL like I’ve already worked 11 yrs straight, but not anymore.  No longer am I giving 100% to someone else and not myself.  No more WAITING for that next big idea or next big thing.  I’m going to be the one creating ideas and products and people are going to want something from ME!

I have my product launch coming up in the next month or so (hopefully sooner than later) and then I’ll be coming up with something new and fresh again.  It’s funny when you create something, there is inevitably people who say “Oh yeah, I thought of that years ago”….hmmm interesting, “Then why didn’t you do anything with those thoughts huh?”…..I’ve discovered most people are either lazy or quit very easily.

Not this guy though….nope….I have more patience than I knew I had which allows me to plan and implement things.  I watch as people fall off the wayside…”Hey, what after happened to Johnny who was in our group?  or Tom?  or Mary?”  All gone……bye bye, out of my way, I have goals to reach!

Besides, I’m pretty sure the saying is “Good things come to those that wait” 🙂

Florida or Bust

It’s that time of the year….time for my yearly trip to South Florida to visit all my Florida friends.  I lived there for 12 years before I moved out to Arizona and for the past 4 years, I’ve been fortunate to be able to go back and visit.  Same week every year….Florida or Bust!

As I pack for my red eye flight tomorrow, I know this will be an absolute test that I’m ready for that laptop lifestyle I’m pursuing.  This is what I want to do full time.  I want to be an affiliate marketer, an email marketer and product developer.  But more than that, I want to be absolutely one of the best and I’m not going to stop until it happens.  I want to be able to see those beautiful Florida sunsets (like this picture I took in 2005), knowing that I’m not only experiencing the beauty of the planet, but I want to be doing it and making money at the same time.  You shouldn’t have to give up one for the other!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m there, is heading out to the Everglades.  Truly one of the more preserved places in American culture.  I’ve spent hundreds of mornings climbing in a boat to go fishing during those 12 years.  If I close my eyes, I can feel that chilled morning air hitting my face and can smell the cattails blowing in the wind.   Oh, and wait, don’t forget Wally, he’s the Everglades most notorious dinosaur and much like that picture I took last year, I’m sure he’ll be waiting for me once again.

I know that I’m here because of the program I’m in and I’m fortunate to be learning each day and getting closer to my dream.   Nothing is given to us, we have to earn it, take it, work at it!  I feel like it’s only a matter of time before my life will change.  I can close my eyes, much like I did above and visualize my success as well……can you?

For more information about Project Profit Academy, sign up for the free webinar >> HERE <<

Sin City

So I returned from Las Vegas last night (otherwise known as Sin City for those of you outside of North America that aren’t aware).  I was away for 50+ hours and what I was able to get out of that time with my mentors and new friends is so much more.  As I drove up to the Luxor Hotel on Thursday night, I had no idea the affect this trip would have on me.  Time well spent.

I was able to connect with my buddy Jonas when I arrived.  I met my other mentors as well, Brendan (who was with his very sweet girlfriend) and Jono for a chat and a meal at Aria.  They had just finished an intense 3-day marketing seminar with 25 or so lucky people who were able to get some personalized coaching.  We chatted a bit about the product I’m developing and they gave me their input and some words of wisdom.  They assured me to “just get it ready”, don’t overthink anything and they’d support me however they could.  To me it felt like one of those Hollywood movies where you have 10 minutes to “make your pitch” and then everyone moves on.  It reassured me however, that I’m on the right path.

I also was able to meet a really great guy after dinner that night.  Dave, (known in the affiliate marketing world as “King Human”) is definitely like me.  He’s laid back, very personable and an overall nice guy (unlike his online persona where he is abrasive, which is hilarious since I grew up on the East Coast and that’s normal to me).  We hung for a bit, chatted about whatever and went to the high roller baccarat room so he could say hi to a few people he knew.  Fun times!

The thing is….all these guys are all top affiliate marketers.  They make on average $50K+ a month online consistently and live “the lifestyle” we all strive for.  Well, most strive for the money, but I’m 53, I want the lifestyle that comes with the money, just as much as the money itself.  The kicker, is that these guys are all at least 15 yrs younger than me and they are going to have YEARS of stress free living and traveling, which is what I want to be doing.  If I turned back the clock today, the only regret I would have is that I didn’t meet these guys sooner!  If that doesn’t motivate an “old guy like me”, nothing will.

We had a great meal on Friday afternoon as we talked about Brendan and Jono’s product launch the next day.  Their last launch was 3 weeks prior and as of today, it has grossed upwards of $117K in almost 3 weeks (see below and do the math 3,000 x avg of $39) and it’s still selling >> HERE <<  (it’s a way to monetize YouTube videos) After lunch Jonas and I hung out walked a shit ton of miles sight seeing and called it an early night since everyone was going to be up early.  Wake up was 6am PST to be sure the launch was performing and if any last minute tweaks to emails and sales pages needed to be made, it would be done “on the fly”.  You can check it out >> HERE << (it’s basically 80 products for $17)

By the time I met Jonas for our 2 for 1 breakfast at The Mirage that morning at 9am PST, he had already made almost $2K (so he paid for breakfast and I left the tip haha).  The rest of the day went well and we relaxed at the pool hanging out and having a few cocktails (mine was virgin since I had a 4 1/2 hr drive home).  I was sitting there and found myself envisioning myself in the position to live this lifestyle.  I’m learning everyday from these guys and as I continue to follow the blueprint, I’m slowly realizing the sky limit.  Affiliate Marketing is growing daily and more people become millionaires every year.

There’s no reason to believe, I won’t be the next one.  Keep working, keep learning and remember…..those who do not adapt, become extinct!

The program that these guys run is called Project Profit Academy and I’ve been in since November.   If you wish to see the free webinar, you can register >> HERE <<  It’s not bulllshit, it’s real and I just proved it.

Staying Focused

You have a plan.  You implement said plan.  Now what happens in between those two things relies solely on you.  Staying focused is not for many.  Matter of fact, I find that if I don’t set daily tasks to accomplish, I’m perfectly okay with just sitting in my recliner binge watching tv series.  I actually did that last Saturday, I needed a reality break!  Staying focused is a high priced commodity and I’ll show you how easy it is to get sidetracked.

After all of my Facebook Advertising success I was so proud of myself about, the Facebook Gods did a review of the ads they approved and changed their mind.  Yes, they changed their minds so much they disabled my advertising account!  After defending my ads that I had running for John Crestani’s Free Training webinar (which is >> HERE << if you wish to see what Facebook is complaining about.), the about face, was a head-scratcher.   I kindly messaged them back to appeal and received some type of robo customer service message with an email saying, “We don’t support ads for your business model.  Please consider this decision final.”.

When I went to John’s group page, he posted that there has been an alarming assault on affiliates promoting his product.  It’s a FREE webinar, there’s no obligation besides registering with your email address….just like say….I don’t know, what Facebook does daily?  John also said his lawyers would be taking this head on, as his product isn’t a MLM product or get rich quick scheme which I guess Facebook is claiming.  Matter of fact, John says about 10,000 times in his course that you must “Do The Work” to be successful.  It’s certainly not a MLM product, because you would need to rely on people paying other people to move up the ladder.  This is no such thing.  It’s all bullshit 🙂

Just a reminder to stay focused!