My Lead Gen Secret

Sticking with the Leads and Free Traffic Training I’ve been doing the past 3 weeks (seems like 3 months), I’ve been introduced to an amazing program. It’s called My Lead Gen Secret. The shorthand version of it is that you received 100 Leads every single day for $1.00, that’s 1 penny per lead. Crazy right? I thought so too!

I will post My Lead Gen Secret Review below and below the video I will show you actual screenshots from my first email I sent out to 600 leads.

So these were the results from the first email and 7 sales (albeit a freebie offer, just under 50% click thru rate is awesome). I’m excited to see what the next month brings as I plan on sitting on the list and making it grow…in a month I’ll have 7,000 leads…can’t wait.

If you need leads for any sort of online business opportunity or if you’re into affiliate marketing >> I would get on this asap.

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