I want to speak about Networking and the role it plays in our lives.  Now we probably cross paths with hundreds of thousands of people, depending on how long we live.  I’m guessing the amount of those people we actually engage with is less than 10%.

Even lower would be the percentage of those people who we’ve had memorable conversations with, which makes networking an important part of being successful.

I was able to get a behind the scenes look at an amazing product that is launching a week from today.  Going through it, I felt compelled to contact the creator because it is that good.  I also had a few questions, so I reached out and she happily wrote back and engaged with me.  I told her that I’m “not a big deal” in the industry (yet), but I would love to give her a short testimonial video for her sales page.  She responded how happy she would be if I did it, but said she only had a few days left to finish the sales page.

Normally, most people would look at the clock, see it’s 9:30pm and would put it off until tomorrow.  Not me!  I fired up the webcam and in about 15 mins I had a nice 2 minute testimonial for her.  I emailed it to her and she immediately wrote back how grateful she was.   That really made me happy and it’s the type of thing that most people will remember.  Going that extra mile and networking to form a business relationship that benefits both parties.  I didn’t do “what everyone else would do” and I understand that she didn’t have to take 10 minutes out of her day to chat with me.  That’s what I love about networking, everyday is a new adventure!

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