Prepare To Launch

Before I start, I want to quickly say wherever you are in the world and from my family to yours, my wish for you is a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.  This is by far my favorite part of the year!  I think I have a permanent smile on my face most days 😁

Next week will be one month since I “took the plunge” and decided to get serious about affiliate marketing.  It honestly seems like a year with all of the training courses, videos, conference calls (there’s 2 each week!) and networking I’ve been doing with my group.  I’ve been diligently building my email marketing subscriber list and happy to say it’s well over 500 now.  Seems like yesterday I was laughing because I had 10…come to think of it, a few weeks ago I had zero hahaha.

If you are reading this and are not yet a subscriber, I hope you sign up on the “subscribe” menu of my website.  If you read through my website and blog posts, you’ll get a ton of FREE information and insight into affiliate marketing.  I am adding things when I can and emailing my list to keep everyone updated on what’s happening.  Nothing makes me happier than to share what I am learning with you (pay it forward!).  You’ll definitely get pumped up like me and get into this.  If I can do this, there’s no reason you can’t!

This week I’m getting ready to promote my first product launch (The Big Five) for one of my mentors’ business partners (the 20th) and couldn’t be more excited!

There’s a lot to get organized and to get prepared to make this a successful venture, but I’m totally up for it.  I have the best team of mentors (these guys have ridiculous $50K+ revenue streams per month), so being trained by them I consider myself lucky!

I hope to get a review copy prior to launch, go through the product(s) and record a preview video.  I’ll definitely post it here, on my YouTube channel (click here to go to my channel) and I’ll probably shoot it out in an email as well (so be sure to subscribe).  Please know that I’ll always give honest reviews, if I don’t like something or think it won’t benefit your training (or mine) I’m not going to suggest you buy it.  I’m in this for the long haul so I’m always going to be honest in my reviews.  I’m also going to giveaway a bunch of free bonus products as well, so that’ll kick ass too!  It’s going to be an awesome week….

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