Product Launch Experience

So here it is, one week after my first product launch experience and I can say it was a successful one.  I don’t base this on the amount of money I generated (because it wasn’t a lot), but I base it on the fact it proves that everything I have learned so far and what I am preaching is actually working!

If you take a look at my account below (I told you I have nothing to hide

Product Launch Experience
Product Launch Experience

and I want to chronicle every step along my journey) since the launch on December 20th, you can see I generated a ton of interest.

There were 116  subscribers on my list that at least took a look at the product I was reviewing and recommending.

That’s exactly what I want though.  I want everyone to decide what is for them and what isn’t.  I can only give my honest opinion as to which products will help you get ahead.  If for whatever reason you don’t think it’s for you, just click away and go on about your day, I’m okay with that!

I did spend some money on some advertising that didn’t pan out, but I also expanded my subscriber base to well over 1,000 (and I know what doesn’t work haha).

I will continue to keep at it, use my experiences to be more successful and of course, pass along anything I can to my new crew!

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