Are you tired of hearing ‘Scam!’ like me? I sure hope I can help clarify this bullshit haha First, TGIF for those of you (like me) with dreaded “day jobs” (I’m typing this at 11pm because I’m a lunatic and have to get this off my chest before bed).

If you’re an affiliate marketer like myself or even someone that buys ANY type of product, we are inundated everyday with the word “SCAM”. It even sounds like a bad word right? Whoever came up with it, did a good job because it is sort of scary! “Watch out for that scam!” “Don’t fall for that scam!” “Don’t join that, it’s a scam!” I must hear that 5 times a day lately and frankly, I’m tired of it.

The word Scam should only apply if you are getting NO VALUE to something you are buying. As long as advertising has been a thing, there have always been dishonest claims and bait and switch tactics. But these aren’t really scams. You are getting SOMETHING. A Ponzi scheme is a scam because you get NOTHING! If something does fall into that category by all means….scream “scam” until the cows come home (I still don’t know what that saying means….do cows not come home?). If you have been taken advantage of or something….well, that blows, but it’s not a scam.

I started a new series of YouTube videos and I am constantly creating more content. My latest ‘Hot Topiks’ on this subject is below:

I think what’s actually going on is that people need an excuse to validate either their insecurities, their fears or their overall lack of motivation to change their lives. Is it scary?…sure…is it tough to get out of your comfort zone?…damn right…But is it a scam? NOPE!!

That dude in the mirror that looks back at me everyday…he’s the one in charge of my life. Now I don’t want to seem like a dick because I know shit happens beyond our control…albeit family, accidents, health, etc…but I think if we all held ourselves a little more accountable for our actions, there would be a lot fewer people yelling SCAM! every day!

Do you agree or disagree????

How To Make Money From Bed [Live Interview]

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Super Affiliate, Mentor and Friend, Jonas Lindgren. Now the reason for my headline wasn’t to get you to click and open (although I guess it worked, you’re reading this? haha), it was to tease Jonas like I always do.  You see (and I think he does this on purpose to tease me!) most of the times we speak he’s “working” in bed.

Jonas Lindgren is 29 and doesn’t have an office…..matter of fact, he doesn’t own a desk, a computer monitor (ipads don’t count), a filing cabinet, a calculator or (and I’m guessing on this one) a suit!  The only reason he needs a watch is to check his “steps”….

He is living the dream YOU (and I) want and the dream YOU (and I) can have.  He’s been making a full time income online since 2015 and is a certified Super Affiliate.  He’s been successful in many niches, even recently drop shipping, but his “jam” is the make money online niche.   He banks 10-20K on any given month (depending on how many hours of gym workouts, puppy sitting/training and video game “wars” he’s currently waging).

He and his business partner Trevor Carr (another top notch “A-1 guy” and Super Affiliate) have just launched a coaching/mentorship program that I personally joined not only because it’s them…but because it’s easily the steal of the decade (and yes, I know the decade is almost over haha).  I also don’t know how many people they are allowing in the program, so that was my biggest reason not to wait.

Jonas and I go through it all….100% no B.S. and I can’t wait to see where their program takes me.  Perhaps I can have him interview ME from my bed next year 🙂

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Free Marketing Tools [NO OPT IN NEEDED]

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by and visiting my Free Marketing Tools [NO OPT IN NEEDED] blog post. I’ve decided to take the last 5 or 6 weeks of 2019 to get my own business in order and set myself up for being as successful as I can be for 2020! I can’t believe it’s already the Holiday Season and Christmas is less than a month away….insane how fast time goes.

As advertised, please help yourself and download one or ALL of my Freebies that I am giving away. Feel free to share my page and tell everyone you think would benefit from any of these products. There’s no fake urgency as I plan to add more and more freebies to this page as time goes on. I would put a little reminder on your calendar to stop by at least a few times a month to see what’s new and see what freebies I’ve added since your last visit.

Most of you will think “What do I get out of this?”. Well, that’s easy….I get to pay it forward as well as get organic exposure. With all of the products I’ve accumulated and purchased over the years, I figured it makes sense to giveaway things that may help others (much like others have done for me).

You’ll also see various banner ads on things I am an affiliate for, as well as some sample videos on my YouTube Channel, so if you see anything that interests you, by all means click on it and have a look. I again appreciate you stopping by and feel free to click the “Contact Me” link under my picture on my freebie page to send me comments, suggestions, etc.

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Don’t Forget Yourself

As marketers, we tend to spend so most of our time trying to appease others (consumers).  Much of our time is spent either searching for something consumers want or trying to understand what they want.  It just hit me the other day, don’t forget yourself!

I’ve been extremely busy since November when I decided to take on affiliate marketing as a serious venture.  My goal is and will continue to be, to get rid of the grueling and stressful “day job”.  In the meantime, I tend to forget myself.  The last actual vacation day I took for myself was almost 1 year ago (my yearly trip to Florida to see my friends who I left 7 years ago).

This Friday I’m taking my first “me day” in a long long time.  I’m driving to Las Vegas (it’s about a 5 hour drive one way) to meet up with my mentors who are from Canada, Indonesia and Sweden respectfully.

On average, they earn $50K+ a month from email and internet marketing.  These are the best of the best and I can’t think of better mentors to have in this journey.  This may sound like a work trip to some, but I assure you it’s a “me day”.  I will be talking to them about my digital product I have created.  I need feedback to make it the best it can be and the next steps to launching this to the public.    There’s a 3-day seminar that other members of my “tribe” are attending, but due to my day job, I can’t make it.  So I’m taking Friday for me.  Investing in me, taking care of what I need to become better.

Some of you reading this will be serious about investing in yourself.  If you are, I encourage you to click >> HERE << and register and listen to this webinar.  If you want to take an opportunity to change your life, this is the “tribe” I belong to and how I’ve come so far so quickly.  I’ve learned more in 4 months than most have learned in 4 years.   I can confidently say I’m slowly becoming an authority in this business and that’s not cocky, it’s true.  I have my 3 mentors and this program to thank for that.  The money will come, the learning is priceless.

So whatever stage you are at in your life, I urge you…….don’t forget yourself!

Merry Christmas

It doesn’t really feel like 365 days have gone by since Christmas 2017, but the calendar doesn’t lie.  In a few short hours, NORAD will have Amazon, (I mean Santa), flying over my place and dropping gifts off for everyone I love.  It’s truly the best time of the year!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish everyone I know, be it a family member, friend or acquaintance a safe, happy and healthy holiday.  I’ve been able to absorb something from each and every one of you, whether you know it or not.

I always wished I could be Santa when I grew up.  I think it was more vanity way back when (you know, who doesn’t love Santa?), but now its all about family.  The way you see the kids faces light up (I don’t have kids, but I have two wonderful nephews) and the general happiness that seemingly overcomes even the crustiest of Scrooge’s is magical.

I look forward to waking up, going to pick up my 90yr old daughter (that’s what I call my Mom haha) and heading over my Sister’s place to spread some joy.  It’s nice to “turn off” my entrepreneur switch for a few days while celebrating, but rest assured, it never shuts off.

The only thing I wish for Christmas every year is to be more successful than the year before.  Enjoy everyone….life is short 😁