Ready To Blow Up

Well… you guys know I’m not at the point where I can do Affiliate Marketing full time…YET! So as I currently have a full time day job AND do this on the side, it’s important to get away and take a break šŸ™‚ Especially since I feel I am ready to blow up!

Currently, my situation is as follows (pic below)….as I type this and see this as my view… (using my mobile hotspot to be online, thank you Verizon for working wherever I go….well, 96% of where I go haha). I can smell the pine trees in the air and that fresh crisp, clean air I love. In the summer in the Arizona desert…it’s too hot to smell, your nostrils burn from the hot air haha.

Show Low Lake – Elevation 6,345 ft

I know it’s fairly dark. It’s overcast and 60F, as opposed to the 106F I left in the desert yesterday. The 3 1/2 hr drive is well worth it. I even saw rain for the first time in 3 months! I have a tee time at the local country club in a few hours so I sit here, having a coffee and hanging with you.

I wanted to recap the past 7 months as it has truly been a complete whirlwind and exciting year so far. I started out taking the “bull by the horns” and really applying what I was learning. After meeting my mentors in March, my business, social presence and authority has really exploded. Things are falling into place. I have a product I’ll be launching later this year and expect everything to really explode then. I’ll be busier than ever, but working towards “Operation Get Rid Of Day Job”, which in turn would make me the happiest guy ever!

I’ve also been able to put together multiple revenue streams, some of which are passive! So….since April….I’ve generated close to $3,000. Here are some income proof pics….so no one can say I’m full of shit haha

WarriorPlus Marketing Services (coaching)
WarriorPlus Affiliate Stats
Affiliate Marketing – Separate Platform (recurring monthly income in yellow)

So in short, shit is coming together and I’m going to explode this year, I can feel it. My original goal for this journey was to cover my 90yr old Mom’s care home expenses (the portion I need to chip in)….goal achieved, and 4 months early! That’s doing this PART TIME!! For any of you doing this FULL TIME…you should be able to surpass me in 6-9 months, if you’re an action type person.

I have many things I’m promoting and trying to turn out content and reviews to help everyone as well. I’ve answered close to 1,000 questions this year and have become a trusted source because I’m not full of crap and I certainly have no reason to lie. There’s enough of “those people” in our industry. Sure, I may tell a “fish story” or two, but I’m pretty much an open book with what I’ve done and I will always shoot you straight. If things are going well….look in the mirror….THAT person can change your life!

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