Wow, it seems like forever since I’ve blogged (only 8 days or so) , but I feel recharged and ready to get back to business!

First, if you haven’t read my latest product review, a new product called Cash Magnets >HERE< launched today.  This course, at $13, is ridiculously cheap.  All of the things in this course I use in my coaching program at about 100 times the cost (for real)..  This is why I say this is cheap!  Definitely not a waste of money or your time.

Anywho……my trip to Florida went well.  It was a relaxing time as usual and I was able to connect with most of my friends.  I think I consider all of my friends “best friends” because quite frankly, I don’t have many.  Close friends, ride or dies and guys you can call at 3am from the side of any road are hard to come by.  I live by one rule “do unto others” and that seems to keep the karma police going in my favor.  I would do anything for my friends and in return we will be lifelong buddies.  Social status and bank accounts don’t matter to your best friends.  Being a great person and not an asshole does 🙂

If you’ve been reading these blogs and the “about me” page on my website, you know I’m a photography buff that loves the outdoors.  It’s more of a hobby than a business, but I do make money hocking photos on my photo website >HERE< once in a while, so if you’re interested, have a look (@danjrphotography on Instagram as well).  I met a friend/wildlife guide in the Everglades on Sunday for a walkabout and was able to take a few great shots, but not as many as I had hoped.  Normally, March in South Florida is the time when Alligators line the parking lots in the Everglades, but the weather and water was unseasonably warm.   You see, gators don’t like the cold, so when the water is cooler, they get out.  We did see a TON of new babies and yearlings along the trails, with Momma always within arms length.  I think next year I’ll go in February instead.

I’ll only say this once, but please DO NOT feed wildlife because when you feed them, they will eventually have to be exterminated.  They will lose their instinct and become dependent on us for food.  This is exactly how/why people are attacked by wild animals.  Also, I know these baby gators are really cute, but it is NOT OK to grab one and hold it (if they are in the wild).  The ones that are in captivity are there for that reason, so go to a gator farm and do that.

All in all it was a great trip and way too fast.   I made a few hundred dollars while I was gone (pure passive income not doing anything) too, so that helped pay for my rental car.   I love this affiliate marketing shit!!  I’ll leave you with what seems to be the most popular shot I took.

I captioned this (“This is how I feel most days….peacefully alone with the world all around me”)

All my best to you and yours….it’s great to be recharged and back in business!

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