Sin City

So I returned from Las Vegas last night (otherwise known as Sin City for those of you outside of North America that aren’t aware).  I was away for 50+ hours and what I was able to get out of that time with my mentors and new friends is so much more.  As I drove up to the Luxor Hotel on Thursday night, I had no idea the affect this trip would have on me.  Time well spent.

I was able to connect with my buddy Jonas when I arrived.  I met my other mentors as well, Brendan (who was with his very sweet girlfriend) and Jono for a chat and a meal at Aria.  They had just finished an intense 3-day marketing seminar with 25 or so lucky people who were able to get some personalized coaching.  We chatted a bit about the product I’m developing and they gave me their input and some words of wisdom.  They assured me to “just get it ready”, don’t overthink anything and they’d support me however they could.  To me it felt like one of those Hollywood movies where you have 10 minutes to “make your pitch” and then everyone moves on.  It reassured me however, that I’m on the right path.

I also was able to meet a really great guy after dinner that night.  Dave, (known in the affiliate marketing world as “King Human”) is definitely like me.  He’s laid back, very personable and an overall nice guy (unlike his online persona where he is abrasive, which is hilarious since I grew up on the East Coast and that’s normal to me).  We hung for a bit, chatted about whatever and went to the high roller baccarat room so he could say hi to a few people he knew.  Fun times!

The thing is….all these guys are all top affiliate marketers.  They make on average $50K+ a month online consistently and live “the lifestyle” we all strive for.  Well, most strive for the money, but I’m 53, I want the lifestyle that comes with the money, just as much as the money itself.  The kicker, is that these guys are all at least 15 yrs younger than me and they are going to have YEARS of stress free living and traveling, which is what I want to be doing.  If I turned back the clock today, the only regret I would have is that I didn’t meet these guys sooner!  If that doesn’t motivate an “old guy like me”, nothing will.

We had a great meal on Friday afternoon as we talked about Brendan and Jono’s product launch the next day.  Their last launch was 3 weeks prior and as of today, it has grossed upwards of $117K in almost 3 weeks (see below and do the math 3,000 x avg of $39) and it’s still selling >> HERE <<  (it’s a way to monetize YouTube videos) After lunch Jonas and I hung out walked a shit ton of miles sight seeing and called it an early night since everyone was going to be up early.  Wake up was 6am PST to be sure the launch was performing and if any last minute tweaks to emails and sales pages needed to be made, it would be done “on the fly”.  You can check it out >> HERE << (it’s basically 80 products for $17)

By the time I met Jonas for our 2 for 1 breakfast at The Mirage that morning at 9am PST, he had already made almost $2K (so he paid for breakfast and I left the tip haha).  The rest of the day went well and we relaxed at the pool hanging out and having a few cocktails (mine was virgin since I had a 4 1/2 hr drive home).  I was sitting there and found myself envisioning myself in the position to live this lifestyle.  I’m learning everyday from these guys and as I continue to follow the blueprint, I’m slowly realizing the sky limit.  Affiliate Marketing is growing daily and more people become millionaires every year.

There’s no reason to believe, I won’t be the next one.  Keep working, keep learning and remember…..those who do not adapt, become extinct!

The program that these guys run is called Project Profit Academy and I’ve been in since November.   If you wish to see the free webinar, you can register >> HERE <<  It’s not bulllshit, it’s real and I just proved it.

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