Staying Focused

You have a plan.  You implement said plan.  Now what happens in between those two things relies solely on you.  Staying focused is not for many.  Matter of fact, I find that if I don’t set daily tasks to accomplish, I’m perfectly okay with just sitting in my recliner binge watching tv series.  I actually did that last Saturday, I needed a reality break!  Staying focused is a high priced commodity and I’ll show you how easy it is to get sidetracked.

After all of my Facebook Advertising success I was so proud of myself about, the Facebook Gods did a review of the ads they approved and changed their mind.  Yes, they changed their minds so much they disabled my advertising account!  After defending my ads that I had running for John Crestani’s Free Training webinar (which is >> HERE << if you wish to see what Facebook is complaining about.), the about face, was a head-scratcher.   I kindly messaged them back to appeal and received some type of robo customer service message with an email saying, “We don’t support ads for your business model.  Please consider this decision final.”.

When I went to John’s group page, he posted that there has been an alarming assault on affiliates promoting his product.  It’s a FREE webinar, there’s no obligation besides registering with your email address….just like say….I don’t know, what Facebook does daily?  John also said his lawyers would be taking this head on, as his product isn’t a MLM product or get rich quick scheme which I guess Facebook is claiming.  Matter of fact, John says about 10,000 times in his course that you must “Do The Work” to be successful.  It’s certainly not a MLM product, because you would need to rely on people paying other people to move up the ladder.  This is no such thing.  It’s all bullshit 🙂

Just a reminder to stay focused!

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