Getting Started

How much are you worth?  No really, how much?

Many of us are programmed early in our careers (usually by family, friends and/or society) that we are only worth what we are paid.  If we aren’t getting paid a lot, then obviously we aren’t worth more…..right?

Now I know that’s not true for me, I’m worth WAY more than my day job pays me and I guarantee that’s the same for you.  Not only that, I found myself getting…..and how do I say this…..I’ll just say it…..dumber each year I work in my normal 8 hour day job.  You become a robot.  I’m considered the subject matter expert in my department….mainly because I’ve outlasted everyone.  They’ve either left town, gone to another job chasing a dollar, died (seriously!) or were fired………so here I sat, looking for a better way.  I don’t want to be “that guy” anymore.

I honestly discovered that better way and it’s by making money online!

If you find yourself staring at the wall waiting for that “break”, you’ll be staring a long time (much like I was!).  You have to take charge of your life, invest in YOU and strive for happiness and freedom (literally and financially!).

I hear it all the time from the most successful online marketers….work smarter, not harder!  That’s what I’ll be doing from now on…..So again I ask you…..How much are YOU worth?