Are you tired of hearing ‘Scam!’ like me? I sure hope I can help clarify this bullshit haha First, TGIF for those of you (like me) with dreaded “day jobs” (I’m typing this at 11pm because I’m a lunatic and have to get this off my chest before bed).

If you’re an affiliate marketer like myself or even someone that buys ANY type of product, we are inundated everyday with the word “SCAM”. It even sounds like a bad word right? Whoever came up with it, did a good job because it is sort of scary! “Watch out for that scam!” “Don’t fall for that scam!” “Don’t join that, it’s a scam!” I must hear that 5 times a day lately and frankly, I’m tired of it.

The word Scam should only apply if you are getting NO VALUE to something you are buying. As long as advertising has been a thing, there have always been dishonest claims and bait and switch tactics. But these aren’t really scams. You are getting SOMETHING. A Ponzi scheme is a scam because you get NOTHING! If something does fall into that category by all means….scream “scam” until the cows come home (I still don’t know what that saying means….do cows not come home?). If you have been taken advantage of or something….well, that blows, but it’s not a scam.

I started a new series of YouTube videos and I am constantly creating more content. My latest ‘Hot Topiks’ on this subject is below:

I think what’s actually going on is that people need an excuse to validate either their insecurities, their fears or their overall lack of motivation to change their lives. Is it scary?…sure…is it tough to get out of your comfort zone?…damn right…But is it a scam? NOPE!!

That dude in the mirror that looks back at me everyday…he’s the one in charge of my life. Now I don’t want to seem like a dick because I know shit happens beyond our control…albeit family, accidents, health, etc…but I think if we all held ourselves a little more accountable for our actions, there would be a lot fewer people yelling SCAM! every day!

Do you agree or disagree????