Technical Issues

Yet another week has passed and every week I think, “I wonder what will inspire me for my blog?”. Nothing “special” is really going on and then out of nowhere you have about 16 hours of hell that inspires you to write about Technical Issues (you know, so you don’t go insane).

For those of you that own a website or run any sort of online venture, you realize you’re at the mercy of the Googlenet, I mean internet, sorry….I forget Google doesn’t actually own the internet (or do they?)…well, anyway, I digress…

Everything is unicorns and rainbows for months at a time. You check your site for SEO compliance, FTC compliance, Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions and all that other techy stuff that makes most want to scream. But there’s always one thing that can ruin any website and that’s when it’s down…site down…..404 error, 505 error, 535 error….I mean, the fact that the errors go up to the 900’s shows you there’s a shit ton of errors that can ruin your day.

….and that’s been the 16 hours of hell I’ve had to endure (well, it’s not that dramatic, but it’s my story, so….whatever).

Truth be told, most website owners think they are more popular than they are. The .0000001% of the world’s population that will visit their website on any given day isn’t a hell of a lot and let’s be honest, it’s a spit in a bucket on a good day. But that doesn’t matter to us! We pay “x” number of dollars of our hard earned money for domain names, website hosting companies, plugins, optimization programs, etc. and we think our shit should work 24/7 no matter what!

Inevitably for me, my problems occur just after spending money to run a promotion. I plunk down a few hundred to run ads or whatever, only to get a message from a prospective customer saying “hey man, I can’t access your site”. So there I go, checking and get Error # whatever and start to unravel fairly quickly. Now your promotion is going into a giant black hole of nowhere….that one person that wanted to buy gets Error # whatever and will never be back….that one customer couldn’t helped us buy that summer home or new boat we wanted, but nooooooooooooo the website is down!

That of course is not reality, but in my head, that’s what is happening. The sky is falling, world’s are colliding and no one will EVER buy anything from you again. So usually someone is around to vent to and tell me to get a grip and then I do what I need to do, call the hosting company and get them to fix it and all is back to unicorns and rainbows the next day.

Until next time, ….then rinse and repeat…..

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