Top 4 Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is Not Newspaper Marketing

When people hear the word Internet Marketing the immediate reaction is probably “isn’t it just the online equivalent of Newspaper Marketing?” The answer to that question is no and here’s why. In fact, Internet Marketing is its own classification under Newspaper Marketing. There are several reasons why Internet Marketing is regarded as a distinct business when compared to Newspaper Marketing.

The first and foremost reason is that a website can be a living thing and constantly evolve depending upon changing market conditions. The site will reflect the changing market conditions without the need to apply constant pressure on the client.

The second reason is the client-centered nature of Internet Marketing. The site can be owned by the company it supports or by the affiliates it caters to. The affiliates are the ones who will be operating the site and gaining profit out of it. The company can also be purchased by the company it supports or by individual members and this changes nothing. All will be run the same.

The third reason is that the affiliate can get paid for whatever traffic or sales or clicks they or the company they are affiliated with gain from the customer or the subscriber or the visitor or the video web customer or the voyager. Whatever the affiliate can get paid for will be reflected in their account. No quotas, restrictions, or other such nonsense.

The fourth reason is that it is a real business unlike the Newspaper Marketing example where there is the need for constant training and management. It is a real business in which the affiliate can get training in marketing techniques and such, but they must remember that it is a real business. They can’t forget that it’s a real business just because it’s online. They will still have to take care of the newspaper Marketing example in any other business they try to run online in an attempt to preserve the ‘realness’ of their ‘affiliate business’.

Internet Marketing is not Newspaper Marketing because Internet Marketing does not require a huge budget. Internet Marketing is a genuine business and the business requires a minimal budget. It’s not a real business that requires a small salary. The ‘affiliate’ is paid for their efforts and the same thing applies for the company. In other words, no stock option or other things that make up the ‘high salary person’ business.

Internet Marketing is not Newspaper Marketing because there is no need for a huge investment. Internet Marketing is free. The only thing Internet Marketing requires is a PC or laptop and an internet connection to access the internet.