I find myself these days in a constant state of waiting.  I’m waiting on someone to text back, waiting on ads to be approved, waiting on sales to be cleared so I can transfer my money into my PayPal, waiting in line at the store, waiting for my next sale….so I started thinking….how long do we spend doing these things in a lifetime?

The average person’s lifespan is approximately 79.5 yrs, so let’s have some fun:

  • We spend almost 11 yrs working
  • We spend 6 yrs eating
  • We spend 6 months waiting at traffic lights
  • We spend 6 yrs waiting in lines
  • We even spend over a year on the toilet

So now I can argue with people that Affiliate Marketing not only gives you the greatest chance to become independently wealthy and live that “laptop lifestyle”, but….it can also add YEARS to your life!  At 53, I certainly FEEL like I’ve already worked 11 yrs straight, but not anymore.  No longer am I giving 100% to someone else and not myself.  No more WAITING for that next big idea or next big thing.  I’m going to be the one creating ideas and products and people are going to want something from ME!

I have my product launch coming up in the next month or so (hopefully sooner than later) and then I’ll be coming up with something new and fresh again.  It’s funny when you create something, there is inevitably people who say “Oh yeah, I thought of that years ago”….hmmm interesting, “Then why didn’t you do anything with those thoughts huh?”…..I’ve discovered most people are either lazy or quit very easily.

Not this guy though….nope….I have more patience than I knew I had which allows me to plan and implement things.  I watch as people fall off the wayside…”Hey, what after happened to Johnny who was in our group?  or Tom?  or Mary?”  All gone……bye bye, out of my way, I have goals to reach!

Besides, I’m pretty sure the saying is “Good things come to those that wait” 🙂

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